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  1. The gigantic piping networks that supply industrial structures with necessary fluids can be compared to the circulatory system of the human body. But there is one important difference between these two kinds of systems. Rapid pulse and high pressure are danger signs when they occur in human beings; but, in the arteries of industry, they are symptoms of
  2. Your answer:

  3. Steel and other materials are shipped by rail to factories that make auto parts. From those factories, a steady stream of parts is hauled to assembly plants. The next freight train you see may well be carrying things to make the next car your family buys. Railways not only do the big, basic job of transportation; they also help to make possible
  4. Your answer:
    other forms of transport.
    trips from coast to coast.
    unemployment in factories.
    a high safety record.

  5. Erosion, the wearing away of soil and rocks, has gone on for thousands of years. Now farmers have learned that certain kinds of crops help protect their land against erosion. They have also learned that methods of cultivation influence the rate of soil loss. Erosion has caused a gread deal of damage that cannot be repaired, but it is posssible to
  6. Your answer:
    buy new lands.
    modernize farming.
    prevent new loss.
    irrigate the land.

  7. Fault-finding is as old as art itself. When the earliest primitive artists daubed red clay on the walls of their caves, beside them stood the first
  8. Your answer:

  9. A centennial celebration marks the one-hundredth anniversary of some important event. The two-hundredth anniversary celebration is called a bicentennial, which is followed by the tricentennial and the quadricentennial. The oldest university in the United States was founded in 1636, so by the year 2000 no university will as yet have had its
  10. Your answer:
    centennial celebration.
    tricentennial celebration.
    quadricentennial celebration.
    bicentennial celebration.

  11. The production of an oil that is suitable for cold weather and that will not evaporate in warm weather, and thus leave the engine unprotected against heavy wear, is aided by solvent refining. The elements that become gummy in cold weather are removed by this process so that the only part of the oil that remains is largely unaffected by
  12. Your answer:
    fast driving.
    carbon sludge.

  13. Nothing like this had happened before. We thought for a long time before deciding on the best thing to do in this situation, for which we had had no
  14. Your answer:

  15. In an area where the rivers are few and have few tributaries and where lakes and marshes absorb the surplus runoff so that there is little fluctuation in the river levels, floods occur
  16. Your answer:

  17. By the year 3000 B.C., people had discovered how to melt copper and form it into useful and artistic objects. Later, they learned to make bronze, an alloy, or mixture, of copper and tin. Only twenty-eight common metals are found in the earth, but scientists have learned to make thousands of alloys. An alloy may have special qualities that none of its constituents alone possesses. As a matter of fact, scientitsts can now develop alloys to satisfy certain requirements, such as hardness, lightness, heat resistance, rust resistance, and brightness. Since the alloys are so important in manufacturing, most of them are developed in
  18. Your answer:
    meetings of chemical societies.
    industrial research laboratories.
    government-sponsored agencies.

  19. The deap-sea divers who search for natural history under the sea will be better rewarded than those who have sought and found the riches of the Spanish treasure fleets lost in the Caribbean. The sea is a huge museum of natural history, and beneath the waves are silent records of earliest life that are more precious than
  20. Your answer:
    gold or jewels.
    life itself.
    lost ships.

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