Reading for Understanding Two #73C

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  1. Experts in the study of languages have shown that the words and grammar of English and Sanskrit are somewhat similar, indicating that these two languages
  2. Your answer:
    have been spoken for many years.
    are easily understood.
    are entirely unrelated.
    were derived from the same source.

  3. A fossil is the remnant of an animal or plant that lived many millions of years ago. If we call a person a fossil, we are suggesting that the person
  4. Your answer:
    has never travelled.
    is interested in rocks.
    is interested in history.
    has old-fashioned values.

  5. Individualism, "the survival of the fittest," is the law of nature, but no one should live for self alone. People ought to be loyal and stand together to work for
  6. Your answer:
    higher wages.
    their individual benefit.
    the common good.
    economic survival.

  7. Workers who ride together in a carpool and share expenses with the other riders save money on fuel, parking fees, insurance, bridge tolls and other incidental costs. Many former two-car families also have proved that carpooling makes it possible for them to get along with one
  8. Your answer:

  9. Most cats like to drink cream and will drink it whenever they can. When we say that someone is "as honest as a cat when the cream is out of reach," we mean that he or she is
  10. Your answer:
    very honest.
    a prisoner.
    not to be trusted.
    a really good person.

  11. It is important that the baker and the newspaper printer be located near the market for the goods they produce; with delays in transport, both bread and news become
  12. Your answer:

  13. Some distance under the surface of the ocean the water is quite still, even during a very great storm. This stillness occurs because waves are caused by the movement of air, and the effect of air
  14. Your answer:
    decreases as the waves become higher.
    cannot reach very far down.
    increases with distance from the surface.
    is very important.

  15. The lawyer pleaded for leniency but did not dare hope that her client would be
  16. Your answer:

  17. One of the cheif advantages that animals have over plants is the power of movement. Animals can go after their required nourishment, but most plants must
  18. Your answer:
    utilize none at all.
    find none at all.
    wait for their nourishment.
    need some nourishment.

  19. The dawn of civilization occurred at an earlier time in northern Africa than it did in Europe. Excavations in the great plains of the Nile Valley have unearthed fragments of pottery that are
  20. Your answer:
    more easily classified than European pottery.
    more beautiful than European pottery.
    many years older than European pottery.
    more carefully made than European pottery.

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