Reading for Understanding Two #73B

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  1. Centuries ago the Egyptians constructed tombs for their dead. Some of these tombs exist intact today and still shelter well-preserved mummies. The careful skill that the Egyptians exercised in providing for burial led to the comment that these people regarded their houses as transient stopping places and their tombs as
  2. Your answer:
    necessary evils.
    permanent dwellings.
    temporary residences.
    architectural achievements.

  3. The crusades to Palestine aided the commercial progress of the Italian city-states. The armies that passed through Italy required supplies of food and equipment. As a result of their trade, the Italian cities were
  4. Your answer:

  5. Trees give soil protection from sun, wind and rain. Leaves and branches shelter the land from the sun and rain, and roots
  6. Your answer:
    anchor the soil.
    loosen the soil.
    starve the soil.
    water the soil.

  7. In fires, more deaths are attributed to the effects of inhaling smoke and poisonous gas than to burns. Smoke and gas tend to rise towards the ceiling. If you have to escape from a burning building, you would do well to
  8. Your answer:
    breathe rapidly.
    crawl along the floor.
    walk calmly.
    go upstairs.

  9. Our knowledge of the experience of past generations should help us to avoid their mistakes. The race, as well as the child, should learn
  10. Your answer:
    from the experience of others.
    slowly and with difficulty.
    by inventing new methods.
    by trial-and-error methods.

  11. Occasionally, two people feel convinced upon their initial meeting that someday they will be good friends. We say "someday" because friendship implies that each friend has come to explore and understand the complex personality of the other. Although the desire to become friends may spring up suddenly, close friendship is not
  12. Your answer:
    quickly developed.
    capable of enduring.
    formed gradually.
    usually pleasant.

  13. The human eye adapts quickly to any reasonably uniform distribution of energy in the prevailing illumination. For example, at night tungsten light appears to be white. In a room that is illuminated chiefly by daylight, however, a tungsten lamp appears distinctly yellow, for the eye is adapted to
  14. Your answer:

  15. In early adolescence, many boys and girls worry because they seem to be all arms and legs. However, there is no serious cause for alarm; during the growth process, body parts increase in size at different rates. When they are sixteen or eighteen, most teenagers will find that they have stopped growing physically and that
  16. Your answer:
    they are ready to begin living.
    they have all become quite attractive.
    they are accepted as mature adults.
    their bodies are normally proportioned.

  17. The traffic officer may get tired and take a break, but the traffic light on a busy corner must work twenty-four hours a day. Since human lives may depend on its proper functioning, it is important that the light be
  18. Your answer:

  19. Disunity among the Native American tribes contributed to the westward advance of the North American settlers. Not only did the Native American tribes fail to cooperate with one another in deterring the settlers, but they actually fought among themselves and thus
  20. Your answer:
    aided the Native American tribes.
    wanted the settlers to come.
    halted the pioneers' advance.
    aided the settlers.

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