Reading for Understanding Two # 73A

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  1. The Vikings were a race of rough, cruel warriors who lived long ago in Scandinavia. They braved the wildest seas to raid and pillage the coasts of other countries. Their chief deity reflected the character of their society; their most powerful god was the god of
  2. Your answer:
    life and death.
    thunder and war.
    the sun and the moon.
    rain and snow.

  3. It is our goal to find and exploit the rich deposits of ore that nature has stored in the ground. Forests, like the mines, are nature's
  4. Your answer:

  5. Older children often feel that their younger brothers and sisters are given more attention and are treated more leniently by their parents. On the other hand, the younger children may feel that they are at a disadvantage because the older children seem to be
  6. Your answer:

  7. As a general rule, attractive clothes make people feel better. A new coat or a new pair of shoes usually leads to
  8. Your answer:
    a happy frame of mind.
    a big party.

  9. Solitary bees do not live in colonies in hives. The bee of one species of the solitary bees bores a tunnel in wood and then forms compartments. There it builds its nest and stores its food. Because of the way in which it builds its home, this bee is called the
  10. Your answer:
    colony bee.
    solitary bee.
    carpenter bee.
    nesting bee.

  11. She found the transition from small-town life to life in New York City a slow and rough process. She wrote about this move, not because she thought her experience was unique but because she believed that millions of New Yorkers who were not born there
  12. Your answer:
    were unhappy.
    had had a similar experience.
    were born in the country.
    were perfectly satisfied.

  13. It was once claimed that a result of vaccination for smallpox could be the loss of the arm in which it is given or even loss of life. These are rare occurrences indeed; vaccinations were given to over ten million persons in one short period and not one of those persons lost an arm nor were there any
  14. Your answer:
    successful vaccinations.
    cases of smallpox.
    reactions to the vaccine.
    consequent deaths.

  15. Calypso is a type of highly rhythmic folk music that is popular in the Caribbean. Calypso singers crowd the words in to fit the rhythm of the music and make up the words as they go along. They do not like to use verses
  16. Your answer:
    with only drums for accompaniment.
    that do not rhyme.
    that have been used before.
    for the first time.

  17. One upsetting experience in the morning can ruin the rest of the day. Everything that one encounters seems tinged with unpleasant emotion. It is like wearing a pair of "trick" spectacles that
  18. Your answer:
    distort everything in view.
    make the wearer ugly.
    impart to everything a rosy hue.
    magnify things to greater clarity.

  19. The prey of this hunting wasp is a long-horned green grasshopper. This insect is so heavy that its captor cannot carry it any distance. Therefore, the wasp makes its home close to the place where the grasshopper has been captured. The site of the wasp's burrow is determined by the
  20. Your answer:
    homes of other wasps.
    distance that it can fly.
    available building materials.
    location of its prey.

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