Reading for Understanding Two #72C

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  1. Wherever borax is found today, there once was a lake of water of a particular composition. Because of climatic changes, these lakes dried up and left a layer of crystals, which was sometimes overlaid later with mud or dust. Borax today is found primarily in the
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  3. Some readers are so skilled that, when they read aloud, we are unaware of the reader. The words that we hear seem to be coming directly from the mind of the person who wrote them. Most of us are not so skilled. When we change from conversation to reading, our tones and inflections change also. It is apparent that the words coming from our mouths belong to someone else and that we are only the
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  5. Constant work of one uniform kind destroys the intensity and flow of a person's spirit, which finds recreation and delight in mere change of
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  7. People are interested in the elaborate gowns worn by the wives of the U.S. Presidents at inaugural balls. These gowns are preserved in the Smithsonian museum in the nation's capital, where they receive careful treatment. Clothing experts estimate the life of clothing to be perhaps as high as 400 years. Thus, the time will come when one can see only a copy of Martha Washington's
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  9. Manufacturers found a method for producing plastic chairs; before the chair would sell and thus bring profits, it had to be not only more durable but also less expensive than other chairs on the market. Production was profitable because the finished product
  10. Your answer:
    performed a unique function.
    was low-priced.
    maintained consistent quality.
    combined quality and economy.

  11. To speak the king's English is to use the English language correctly. People are said to murder the king's English when they speak
  12. Your answer:
    too often.
    too loudly.

  13. Windmills are pieces of equipment that, as their name implies, are run by wind. The windmills, in turn, furnish power for other pieces of equipment, perhaps pumps to draw water for farm animals. Nowadays, motorized pumps are used for such purposes and are better because
  14. Your answer:
    they take up less room.
    the wind is not always blowing.
    windmills are old-fashioned.
    the water drawn this way is purer.

  15. The ancient city-state was small enough that its population could be informed by heralds and by posted notices of what was going on in the community. Not until the Romans conquered the entire Mediterranean region did there arise a need to convey news simultaneously to many places. Caesar, the ruler of the Roman Empire,had to contrive a way to send news form the capital to Roman officials throughout the conquered areas. In order to solve this problem, he founded something similar to a
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  17. On crossing a high mountain range from east to west, one comes into a region where, as a result of abundant rainfall, vegetation is
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  19. Most of us today take the electric bulb for granted. We can hardly imagine life without it, yet, just a century ago, most people scoffed at the notion of an electric light bulb. Its inventor was publicly ridiculed and termed a
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