Reading for Understanding Two #72B

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  1. There are patented office machines for repeated printing of names and addresses on stationery. These machines save retyping a name and address whenever it is needed. Such machines are used in offices that
  2. Your answer:
    send much mail to the same addressees.
    have a small mailing list.
    do not have typists.
    mail pamphlets to people requesting information.

  3. The good fortune or calamity that befalls others has meaning for us only if we can think of ourselves in their position. We experience another's joys and sorrows by imagining that the good or bad event has happened
  4. Your answer:
    to ourselves.
    many times before.
    in our daydreams.
    to others more fortunate.

  5. It may seem to people from other countries that Indian films are much too long. In these films, the development of the plot proceeds more slowly than it does in Western films. Indian films are produced for people thoroughly imbued with a tradition, centuries old, of
  6. Your answer:
    devotion to philosophy.
    films of poor quality.
    long and patient endurance.
    endless procrastination.

  7. During the frontier days in North America, fences and houses were sometimes made of blocks cut from the grass-covered surface of the prairie. These sod blocks were adequate for the walls of houses because a roof helped protct the blocks from rain. The expression "ugly as a mud fence" may have started with sod fences, however, because after a few rains, they usually
  8. Your answer:
    dried stronger.
    sprouted wild flowers.
    were a mess.
    remained sturdy.

  9. A canal is an artificial channel through which water flows. Canals may be dug in order to link two rivers, a river and a lake, or a lake and a sea. By means of canals, we can extend our
  10. Your answer:
    deep-sea ports.
    control over floods.
    highway system.
    natural waterways.

  11. Sharing the task of driving with someone else and stopping a while for rest and a refreshing soda or coffee are ways in which you can put into practice the slogan,
  12. Your answer:
    "Be an efficient driver by not being tired."
    "Speed kills--slow down and live."
    "Observe all traffic signs and stay alive."
    "Never drive while drinking."

  13. Our flower garden provides pollen for bees and seed for birds. During the summer, it was constantly humming with the sound of bees. Now that autumn is here, most of the flowers have gone to seed, and the garden is full of the sound of
  14. Your answer:

  15. On the first day of summer at the Arctic Circle, the sun does not set. On the first day of winter, the sun does not rise. As you go on towards the North Pole, the number of sunny summer days and of sunless winter days increases until at the pole itself there are
  16. Your answer:
    summers of constant sunshine.
    no people living at any time of the year.
    no summer days at all.
    no changes in season.

  17. Most of us do not realize that there are small irregularities in the length of the day, for they do not affect our ordinary methods of timekeeping. In order to make precise predictions of astronomical events, scientists have to use very refined instruments that measure small fractions of a second. It makes no difference to us when we look at our watches that there are unexplained irregularities in the rotation of the earth amounting to approximately one-thousandth of a second per day, but this fact is significant for
  18. Your answer:

  19. In law, an abstract is a concise record of all documents that concern the ownership of a piece of land, including previous sales, taxes, mortgages, and other transactions
  20. Your answer:
    abridged for brevity.
    based on secret documents.
    affecting the property.
    kept in the lawyer's office.

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