Reading for Understanding Two #71A

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  1. A caravan is composed of a group of people who have banded together to travel through wild, barren or unknown territory. In the early days of the United States, caravans provided considerable protection against the hazards of travel. Most pioneer travellers were convinced that
  2. Your answer:
    "one travels fastest who travels alone."
    "there is no rest for the weary."
    "there is safety in numbers."
    "many hands make light work."

  3. In early times, it was difficult to move heavy or large goods from one place to another by land. The development of transport by ships that could carry merchandise of great size led to the early commercial development of those countries that were located
  4. Your answer:
    far north.
    on water.
    in Europe.
    in North America.

  5. A famous battle of ancient history took place in 490 B.C. at Marathon in Greece. After the Greek general had defeated the Persian army a Greek soldier named Pheidippides is said to have run from Marathon to Athens with the news. He dropped dead just as he reached the marketplace. In 1896, at the Olympic games in Athens, the Greeks had a race of about 40,000 meters, which was the distance Pheidippides is said to have run. This race was called a marathon. Today a real marathon is 26.2 miles, and the name is often used to refer to
  6. Your answer:
    a very long race.
    the Olympic games.
    a race in Greece.
    any race.

  7. As a tadpole grows older, the cells composing its tail are attacked and absorbed by other body cells until the tail shrinks and finally
  8. Your answer:
    resumes its original shape.
    becomes very long.
    disappears completely.
    changes into a leg.

  9. The larvae of the sphex wasp requires fresh food. The adult wasp stings in such a manner that its prey is merely paralyzed. In that condition, the victim will remain alive for a period longer than is required for the hatching of the wasp's eggs and the growth of the larvae. The food the young wasp needs is thus
  10. Your answer:
    killed instantly.
    eaten slowly.
    readily available.
    not suitable.

  11. When she played cards, she loved having an accomplished partner and a determined enemy. She took and gave no concessions. She hated
  12. Your answer:

  13. Although Europe is considered a continent, it is really a peninsula extending westward from Asia. For this reason, it is sometimes considered a part of the great continent of
  14. Your answer:
    the West.

  15. Even though early farmers knew nothing about the laws of heredity, they did improve their crops by selecting seeds from their finest plants and sowing them. Although results varied, continued selection from such seeds causes the crops to become differentiated from their wild ancestors. Selection of seeds by observation is still used as a method of
  16. Your answer:
    plant study.
    improving crops.

  17. According to Greek mythology, the baby Achilles was plunged into the river Styx by his mother, Thetis. This made him invulnerable except for the heel by which she held him. He became a great warrior but was finally killed when an arrow shot by Paris
  18. Your answer:
    fell into the river Styx.
    pierced his heel.
    struck his heart.
    struck Thetis' hand.

  19. One means of preserving food is by drying it; without moisture, the bacteria that bring about fermentation
  20. Your answer:
    cause disease.

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