Readind for Understanding Two #70C

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  1. Children who grow up in a family of limited means may have opinions on public problems quite different from those of children brought up in a home of
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  3. Many a proud parent has been initiated into a photographic career by the advent of a baby. The parent begins by trying to take good pictures of the child and then discovers pleasure in photography itself. As the baby grows and develops, the parent's interest in this new hobby
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    becomes less important.
    develops also.
    is passed on to the children.
    is replaced by others interest.

  5. In some fields, it is impulsive action that reaps the dividends; but in buisness it seems to be better to schedule projects in detail and then concentrate on carrying them out according to schedule. Business projects seem to be more successful if they
  6. Your answer:
    are modified in development.
    are planned in broad outlines.
    follow specific plans.
    emerge spontaneously.

  7. In casting for fish, one has to be alert to be successful. The fish has to be firmly hooked the moment it bites. Skill in casting demands careful attention to
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  9. Although the gold rush enriched some miners, it impoverished many landowners whose fortunes were invested in acreage near the mines. The farm workers deserted their work in order to join the search for gold; as a consequence, the farms and ranches
  10. Your answer:
    were affected by drought.
    were cultivated intensively.
    deteriorated through neglect.
    increased in value.

  11. Since trees are stationary, they cannot move in search of needed minerals and water or to escape destructive insects. When their natural source of these essentials is cut off, or their enviornment is altered in other ways, trees may
  12. Your answer:
    impoverished the soil.
    poison the air.
    decline or die.
    seek better nourishment.

  13. The hub of our solar system is the sun. Many worlds whirl round it, most of them travelling in closed paths, so that they repeat their own
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  15. The clothes that you wear can help you look your best. If you are shorter and more slender than you would like to be, it is possible to find styles that will at the same time seem to add to your height and make you look
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  17. When a group of people is conquered by a nation and is forced to learn the language and customs of the conquering nation, there is much resistance on the part of the conquered people. However, when people voluntarily leave their home country and go to a new country, they should not hesitate to
  18. Your answer:
    discover ways in which their new home can be improved.
    retain the customs and feelings of their old home.
    find fault with the structure of the new language.
    learn the language and customs of their new home.

  19. The value of money is determined by the amount of goods that a given amount of money will purchase. When a given amount will purchase a large amount of goods, we say that
  20. Your answer:
    prices are high.
    inflation has set in.
    its value is high.
    there is a scarcity of goods.

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