Reading for Understanding Two # 70A

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  1. Transparent packaging of foods and other products adds to the sales appeal of the contents. We all like to
  2. Your answer:
    do our own shopping.
    see what we are buying.
    buy as cheaply as possible.
    buy things that are packaged.

  3. The tide of battle reverses itself so frequently that the general who was retreating yesterday may today be leading
  4. Your answer:
    an attack.
    the enemy.
    a withdrawal.
    a battalion.

  5. Many superstitious beliefs were once held regarding the strange behavior of the magnetic compass. In fact, many early mariners refused to use this instrument lest others suspect them of being
  6. Your answer:

  7. Primitive peoples satisfied their need for sugar by eating honey, by drinking the sap of the palm or of the maple tree, or by chewing a stick of sugarcane. Now pure cane sugar is used in considerable quantities. Hence, many farmers find it profitable to raise sugarcane because of its
  8. Your answer:
    value as fodder.
    adaptability to most climates.
    ease of cultivation.
    sugar content.

  9. The famous Alexandrian library, started in the third century before Christ, grew to contain 700,000 volumes. The king ordered that every new book brought into the city should be copied for the library. The library employed a large number of copyists, and the standards of their work were very high. The "books" were rolls of thin sheets of papyrus that had to be unrolled during use. When the Romans invaded the city in 47 B.C., most of the valuable rolls were burned. Those that were preserved in an Egyptian temple at the edge of the city were destroyed during an invasion of the Christians in A.D. 391. Even though a few copies of the rolls are in existence,
  10. Your answer:
    it has taken years to restore the books.
    the great ancient library essentially has been lost.
    our modern libraries take better precautions against destruction.
    scholars would like to copy the rolls.

  11. When my Christmas cards come in, I am almost shocked at the number of my friends who have changed addresses. When I make the changes in my address book, I am glad that I have made the entries in
  12. Your answer:

  13. During the period when the United States was expanding to the west, newspapers and letters helped a great deal in maintaining the unity of its people even though the population was
  14. Your answer:
    far from home.
    scattered over wide areas.
    politially united.
    all originally Easteners.

  15. Her motto was, "Anything that is worth doing is worth doing well." In all that she undertook, my mother was
  16. Your answer:

  17. Many wild animals in North America seem to be pleased to find an unused lumber camp and with what appears to be great delight move in and make use of its facilities. Rabbits, woodchucks and porcupines burrow under its flooring. Weasels, mice and squirrels find it ideal, and many birds move in and make nests. Some animals--such as bears, foxes and racoons--are deterred by the "human smell" of the old camp, but nearly every other forest creature seems to
  18. Your answer:
    stop there only occasionally.
    walk or run by swiftly.
    rejoice in it as a ready-made home.
    shy away from it.

  19. Manufacturers of cellulose have found that trees provide the most economical source of the raw materials the manufacturers require. To insure a good supply of these raw materials in the future, some of these manufacturers are
  20. Your answer:
    increasing their staff of research chemists.
    buying and developing woodlands.
    devising new advertising techniques.
    promoting new products made of cellulose.

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