Reading for Understanding Two #69 C

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  1. There are many things that made the construction of the dam difficult. Overcoming these obstacles required intelligence, patience, and skill. The successful completion of the dam was, then,
  2. Your answer:
    never accomplished.
    not surprising.
    a notable achievement.
    almost inevitable.

  3. Much of the fat from the kernels of the cacao bean is removed, and the kernels are finely ground. This powder is called cocoa. Chocolate is also finely ground kernels of the cacao bean, but in chocolate-making the fat is not removed. Cocoa and chocolate are alike in that they
  4. Your answer:
    are the same food.
    have no food value.
    are obtained from the same source.
    contain the same amount of fat.

  5. It is not easy to select books for presents. You must know the books you choose and the reading interests of your friends. One solution to this problem is to ask your friends to give you lists of the books they want and select a book for each friend from the
  6. Your answer:
    list of that friend.
    list of the brightest.
    newest book available.
    total list.

  7. Primitive peoples communicated only by the use of sounds and signals. Since they did not have a written language, they could not
  8. Your answer:

  9. In about 1800 Robert Fulton built a submarine for the French government that he called the "Nautilus." He did not succeed in selling it to the French. The United States government completed another submarine, also called the "Nautilus," in 1955; this namesake of Fulton's submarine is atomic powered. It sailed under the North Pole in 1958. Atomic power represents a great development since Fulton's craft, which used sails when it travelled
  10. Your answer:
    on the surface.
    to the pole.
    in battle.

  11. There is concern on the part of some persons who believe that people in the United States do not work hard enough. These critics point out that in the early days of the country, people had to work hard and that they liked to work. They believe that even the United States is not rich enough to afford
  12. Your answer:

  13. Birds and mammals are the only warm-blooded vertebrates. That their blood maintains a constant temperature and does not vary with the temperature of their environment probably helps to account for the fact that birds
  14. Your answer:
    lay eggs.

  15. When food is cooked, it frequently becomes soft and moist; unless it is protected by prompt refrigeration, it is likely to support the growth of harmful bacteria. In the summer particularly, cooked food that is not properly chilled accounts for many cases of food poisoning. After food is cooked, if it is not to be served immediately, you should
  16. Your answer:
    keep it warm.
    keep it at room temperature.
    not eat it under any conditions.
    chill it.

  17. That political system frequently has been described as a very efficient one. If efficiency means the ability to organize and to accomplish tasks, then the statement is true. If efficiency means the ability to get accomplish tasks with a minimum of personnel, the statement is false. The truth of the statement depends upon the
  18. Your answer:
    effective use of propaganda.
    outcome of present economic problems.
    current political trends.
    definition of efficiency.

  19. A trout's choice of food varies from time to time. Sometimes an angler is disappointed that a bait that was once successful no longer attracts fish. The angler may be successful again by offering the trout
  20. Your answer:
    a change of diet.
    an empty hook.
    cooler water.
    a chance to bite.

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