Reading for Understanding Two #69B

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  1. In order to flow, an electric current must have a complete path or circuit from the generator back to the generator. When we press the switch on an electic lamp to turn out the light, we
  2. Your answer:
    damage the lamp.
    break the circuit.
    damage the battery.
    start the flow of current.

  3. I know of no sport in which rivalry is less tinged with animosity than tennis. Tennis players value victory; but, even more, they value a cleanly played game, unmarred by bitterness or grumbling. The tennis court is characterized by an atmosphere of
  4. Your answer:
    easy victory.
    good feeling.

  5. Eskimos live in the arctic regions of North America and in Greenland. In spite of the fact that almost no crops can be grown in these extremely cold areas, the Eskimos have managed to survive for over two thousand years because they have been
  6. Your answer:
    well educated.
    extremely resourceful.
    highly civilized.

  7. The Polish composer Frederic Chopin was born in 1810 and at the age of seven had a polonaise (a Polish dance) published by a printer in Warsaw. Although he died a young man in 1849, he had already written so many brilliant piano compositions that
  8. Your answer:
    his name became immortal.
    his music remained unknow.
    he was soon forgotten.
    he was famous for awhile.

  9. The extension of hygienic and sanitary facilities often lags woefully behind any sudden increase in population within an area. This time lag often results in a proportionately high incidence of
  10. Your answer:

  11. In the old restaurant called Little Sausage Bell in Nuremberg, people used to ask the cook to fix them a sausage. Then they would wander out along the street visiting with their friends until the meal was ready, instead of sitting down at a table to wait. When the sausage was cooked and ready to be eaten, the cook would go to the door and
  12. Your answer:
    whistle to call the hungry customer to eat.
    beat a drum to call the hungry customer to eat.
    call loudly for the hungry customer to come to eat.
    ring a bell to call the hungry customer to eat.

  13. Herring, sprat, and pilchard are closely related species of fish. An easy way to tell them apart is to pick each up by the fin on its back. A herring will balance evenly, the tail of the pilchard will drop downward because the fin is nearer to its head, and the head of the sprat will hang down because
  14. Your answer:
    the tail end is the heavier.
    the head end is lighter.
    it has a heavy stomach.
    the fin is nearer the tail.

  15. If people look sharply and attentively, they will see Fortune; for though blind, Fortune is not
  16. Your answer:

  17. When areas of the United States make the change from standard time to daylight saving time, they do it on a Sunday. That gives people an extra day to remember to move their clocks ahead so that they will not
  18. Your answer:
    be late for work on Monday.
    have to work an extra hour.
    be late for church on Sunday.
    miss a day's work.

  19. Many homes that are expensively furnished and immaculately maintained are almost forbidding to enter. One cannot imagine a child or dog in them. But we often find a happy household where the furniture is old and shabby and where it may be difficult to find
  20. Your answer:
    a dog or child in a chair.
    old and shabby furniture.
    a vacant comfortable chair.
    children or dogs.

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