Reading for Understanding Two #69A

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  1. Asbestos is a mineral that will not burn and that can be pulled apart into fine threads. When these threads are twisted or woven or molded together to make rope or cloth or paper, or mixed with plaster or paint or cement, the materials that are formed are
  2. Your answer:

  3. They did not think that the good river that they loved could ever change. Then suddenly it happened. The yellow water of the river rose higher and higher until it engulfed the land where their home had stood and where crops had grown. The family moved farther from the river, but its water covered this land also. The river, once their friend, was now a ruthless
  4. Your answer:

  5. Operating a business today usually involves handling a multitude of petty but necessary details. Valuable savings can be realized by careful organization in the handling of these details. Where time is money, efficiency means
  6. Your answer:

  7. The miraculous discoveries of science have provided us with almost supernatural powers, but this endowment has come so suddenly that we do not always know how to utilize it wisely. We are like paupers who have come into a
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  9. Some teachers in former days disciplined their students so severely that the youngsters were unable to regard the whole process of learning with anything but loathing. It is not surprising that these disgruntled students, as soon as they could legally do so, hurried to
  10. Your answer:
    spare the rod.
    return to school.
    mind their manners.
    forsake their books.

  11. Surety bonds covering acceptable completion of the contracts involved in public projects are required by law. One function of these bonds is to insure that the projects will be
  12. Your answer:

  13. Since written history is based on the transferring and assembling of materials from various sources, it is not surprising that one often finds inaccurate dates in such accounts. If it is important that the accuracy of a date be checked, it is best to refer to the newspapers of the time of the happening. Because of their contemporaneousness, such sources of information are not likely to
  14. Your answer:
    be an accurate guide.
    lead one astray.
    have such information.
    be easily found.

  15. We always find ourselves to be our most interesting subject of contemplation. If we allow ourselves freedom of thought, we find that most of our thoughts concern
  16. Your answer:
    world problems.
    our friends.
    mere rambling.
    our personal experience.

  17. The profit-sharing fund is a device whereby management hopes to decrease personnel turnover. This plan involves setting aside for each employee a certain portion of the company's earnings. The employee who leaves the company without its sanction often forfeits all rights to any part of the fund. Thus, even if offered higher salaries elsewhere, employees may hesitate to quit the company for fear of
  18. Your answer:
    not being rehired by the company.
    not finding another job.
    showing that they are disloyal.
    losing their share of the profits.

  19. Throughout history, ocean routes have led the way to knowledge as well as to commercial wealth. The nations that have been outstanding technologically and culturally are those that have
  20. Your answer:
    ruled the world.
    navigated most extensively.
    built great universities.
    practised agriculture.

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