Reading for Understanding Two #68A

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  1. Energy from the sun makes the planets closest to the sun very hot. The planets farthest from the sun receive little of its energy. These planets are
  2. Your answer:
    not named.
    not planets.
    very cold.
    even hotter.

  3. Years ago, peddlers travelled around the country selling things to people. These peddlers carried their wares in packs slung over their shoulders. You might say that on their backs they carried their
  4. Your answer:

  5. Years ago, farmers sold their animals to butchers who killed the animals and prepared the meat to sell in their own small shops. Now, farmers ship their animals to large stockyards, where they are bought by meat-packaging companies that prepare the meat for the
  6. Your answer:
    meat packer.
    food shops.

  7. Despite the perils and hardships of ocean fishing, there is no scarcity of persons who fish. There are always those who
  8. Your answer:
    study marine biology.
    desire peace and security.
    own their own boats.
    love life on the waves.

  9. Today, libraries photograph the newspapers that come to them. They can keep the rolls of film and throw away the newspapers. In this way, the libraries can
  10. Your answer:
    choose only important newspapers.
    save a great deal of space.
    keep papers from being read by just anybody.
    save the subscription charges.

  11. Some of the frozen foods that we buy at the local supermarket had to be shipped thousands of miles. Since these foods perish in the heat, it is important that they be
  12. Your answer:
    shipped at a cold temperature.
    reasonable in cost.
    shipped as rapidly as possible.
    recognized as a gamble.

  13. The audience cannot see the small silken strings with which the "operator" makes the marionette walk or dance about the stage. A real actor cannot fly, but flying is not hard for the
  14. Your answer:

  15. The word "abdication" is used to describe the giving up of an office by a sovereign or ruler. The term implies voluntary action on the part of the ruler although in some cases it is
  16. Your answer:

  17. The purpose of driver's tests is to prevent obviously incompetent drivers from driving on the streets and highways. Even though the requirements are light indeed, a substantial percentage of would-be drivers
  18. Your answer:
    cannot meet them.
    have accidents.
    cannot learn to drive.
    do not take lessons.

  19. Although ordinarily we think of cotton as inherent to the South of the United States, this plant
  20. Your answer:
    is used to make clothing.
    requires much processing.
    is pretty in all of its stages.
    grows abundantly in all parts of the world.

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