Reading for Understanding Two #67 B

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  1. In many censuses, the interviewer asks whether each interviewee can read and write in order to find out what proportion of the population is
  2. Your answer:
    in school.

  3. In the sea live some very small animals whose shells are made of lime. When the animals die, their shells fall to the bottom and form layers of chalk. The fact that there are some of these chalk deposits in Kansas suggests that
  4. Your answer:
    Kansas was once covered by water.
    chalk is not native to Kansas.
    the chalk was left by a glacier.
    Kansas has many of the lime-covered animals.

  5. Although modern farming does not require as much backbreaking work as agriculture used to require, those going into this occupation should
  6. Your answer:
    have a tractor.
    own their own farm.
    like animals.
    be fairly strong.

  7. With the completion of its structural steelwork, another high rise is topped out. High rises use land, a commodity that cannot be increased indefinitely, with the utmost
  8. Your answer:

  9. Food is preserved when it is dried because the molds and bacteria that cause fermentation are unable to live without
  10. Your answer:

  11. The ichneumon fly is a parasite of the larvae of beetles, butterflies, and moths. Because it destroys many injurious larvae and caterpillars, the ichneumon fly
  12. Your answer:
    is a valueable pest-control agent.
    should be destroyed whenever possible.
    has been ignored by entomologists.
    is developing nonparasitic habits.

  13. Fire irons do not rust when used constantly, because the heat from the fire keeps them dry. If they are usused for a period of time, however, they will rust; for air is not completely
  14. Your answer:

  15. Since the beginning of time, people have regulated their activities according to the rising and setting of the sun and according to the advent of the seasons. Thus, it was natural that the interval determined by the rotation of the earth on its axis--the solar day--should be used from the very start as a
  16. Your answer:
    record of achievement.
    measure of time.
    wage for a working day.
    seasonal determinant.

  17. The use of the cotton gin greatly increased the amount of cotton it was possible to produce. As a result, the price of cotton cloth was lowered, and cotton cloth was bought by many people formerly unable to
  18. Your answer:
    afford it.
    weave it.
    sell it.
    grow it.

  19. After the government granted the composer an annual income, he was able to devote all of his time to writing music because his mind was now free from
  20. Your answer:
    fear of old age.
    creative difficulties.
    adverse criticism.
    money worries.

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