Reading for Understanding Two #67A

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  1. People wore shoes a long time before they were able to write. Thus, we have no record of what kinds of shoes were first worn. Also, shoes from very early times have all decayed so that none are left to look at. If we are curious to know what the earliest shoes were like, we
  2. Your answer:
    ask shoe manufacturers to look into their records.
    must consult historians.
    can only use our imagination and make guesses.
    can go to museums for information.

  3. There have always been those who enjoyed woodworking, but recently it has increased tremendously in popularity as a hobby. More and more people of all ages are deserting films and athletic contests for
  4. Your answer:
    new houses.
    the workroom.
    good clubs.

  5. It is commonly said that robbing a bird's nest of its eggs deprives the world of just so many birds. This is not always true. If only a couple of eggs are removed, the mother bird ignores her loss and hatches the remaining eggs. If, however, all her eggs are destroyed, she will lay another set of eggs that season. In this case, the season's total output of young birds will be
  6. Your answer:
    correspondingly reduced.
    little affected.
    cut in half.

  7. Rome and Carthage were great rivals for many years. For more than a century these two powers
  8. Your answer:
    struggled for supremacy.
    traded with smaller powers.
    lived peacefully together.
    protected each other.

  9. For many years the Chinese carefully guarded the secret of their method of raising silkworms and making silk. Anyone caught carrying silkworms or their eggs out of China was
  10. Your answer:
    considered a foreigner.
    automatically made a prince.
    rewarded by the government.
    punished by death.

  11. A famous poet has said that mishaps are like knives. They either serve us or cut us, depending on whether we grasp them
  12. Your answer:
    by the blade or the handle.
    if they are sharp.
    to cleanse them of stain.
    with all our strength.

  13. People who are concerned about the deaf hope that facilities for having every schoolchild's hearing tested regularly can be made available. Parents should learn that childhood diseases may produce a hearing loss and that in many cases deafness can be
  14. Your answer:

  15. The climate of France varies widely. The northwest part of the country is much like southern England; in the south, the climate is typically Mediterranean; and the French Alps are covered with snow the year round. French people seeking a change of climate
  16. Your answer:
    usually prefer to go to the mountains.
    rarely need to travel to another country.
    often take round-the-world cruises.
    go to England because of its nearness.

  17. Although broken-down rock provides the basic material from which soil is formed, it is not soil. True soil in which plants will grow contains organic matter--that is, decayed animal and vegetable matter. Without this organic matter, broken rock, no matter how finely broken-down it may be, is still only
  18. Your answer:
    top soil.
    organic rock.
    mountain soil.

  19. To obtain successful results in fine printing, the right quality of paper is essential. For consistently excellent performance, for true reproduction of even black-and-white, one must be careful in one's selection of
  20. Your answer:
    a printer.

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