Reading for Understanding Two #66C

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  1. For many centuries the only cooking oil in general use was olive oil. People also put olive oil on food after the food had been cooked and dipped their bread in it. Olive oil was eaten then as we today eat
  2. Your answer:

  3. In Athens many years ago, persons could offer themselves for payment of their debts. A great many persons did this and thus became
  4. Your answer:

  5. Squirrels bury nuts one by one in separate places for future need. Many nuts that they do not dig up later become trees. In this way, squirrels function as natural
  6. Your answer:
    soil cultivators.

  7. Until modern agricultural methods made possible the production of a large amount of food by relatively few people, city populations could not be extensively increased by migration from rural districts. Before that time, the maintenance of a large urban population would have been impossible, since city dwellers
  8. Your answer:
    have all originally migrated from farms.
    do not produce their own food supply.
    frequently cannot find employment.
    are very few in number.

  9. In the seventeenth century, Sweden was one of the world's leading military and political powers. Today, this ancient monarchy is given over to the arts of peace and the democratic "middle way," and it has gracefully accepted a position of diminished
  10. Your answer:

  11. Many forms of cancer can be cured if caught in time. Many diseases can be arrested or controlled if people recognize the danger signals. Public health officers are doing much to reduce the toll of such diseases, but they must have
  12. Your answer:
    the cooperation of the public.
    research facilities.
    medical education.
    generous appropriations.

  13. The glider is a type of plane that is not equipped with power. It is launched by means of an elastic cord, a spring catapult, or a tow cable. Once in the air, the pilot endeavors to stay aloft by using
  14. Your answer:
    air currents.
    turbojet engines.
    radio controls.

  15. Some students of journalism have the erroneous opinion that it is less difficult to write an article for a newspaper than for a magazine. They think that a newspaper will accept any article, even though it is carelessly written. Unfortunately for these writers, newspaper editors have a great variety of material from which to choose, and the competition among writers is very keen. To be published in a newspaper, a manuscript must be
  16. Your answer:
    written by the editor.
    of good quality.
    unusual in approach.
    as short as possible.

  17. We bring trouble upon ourselves when we disturb the balance that nature has established. Native insects that destroy crops can be limited to a manageable number, thanks to the food preferences of native birds. But we have introduced foreign insects into this country without bringing along their natural enemies. Freed from nature's control over their population growth, the imported insects multiply uncontrollably and thus become one of the
  18. Your answer:
    greatest pleasures of travelling.
    major threats of bird life.
    chief joys of farming.
    hardest problems the farmer faces.

  19. Since the publication of this book, we have received many letters commending it as a very superior contribution to the literature in the field. These letters indicate that it is one of the most readable, most teachable, and best illustrated texts that the public has ever
  20. Your answer:

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