Reading for Understanding Two #66B

Thelma Thurstone -- The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc

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  1. No matter how much you know, there is much more that you do not know. Even though others marvel at the extent of your knowledge, be honest enough to say that in many things you are
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  3. One's many talents may promise great wealth and fame, but careless and extravagant ways will lead to great
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  5. One of the longest mountain ranges of the world runs north and south down the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The peaks of some of these mountains rise up above the sea and form
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  7. The brigade, cut off from all other routes of flight, attempted escape over a mountain pass that had claimed the lives of all who previously had tried to cross it. Only a few members of the brigade survived the crossing. When they staggered into the village below, the villagers shrank from them as from ghosts, for the villagers did not believe that living persons
  8. Your answer:
    could have come over the pass.
    could have conquered the brigade.
    would have abandoned their brigade.
    would come into the village.

  9. In road accidents there are two collisions. The first occurs when a car hits, or is hit by, something; the second, when the occupants of the car are thrown against the car or out onto the ground. It is this second collision that maims and kills. It is this second collision that easily can be avoided, no matter what caused the first, by
  10. Your answer:
    driving with courtesy.
    wearing seat belts.
    always staying alert.
    driving more defensively.

  11. The huge bridge that spans San Francisco Bay has the same purpose as a regular highway in the United States. No such highway should be an obstacle course for traffic. This is the reason that work goes on constantly to keep traffic on the bridge flowing
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  13. You yourself may not be interested in gardening, but can you really say that you have no interest in plants? Our three great needs - food, shelter, and clothing - are all met by some plant or plant product. Almost everything we eat belongs to the vegetable kingdom or to the animal kingdom, and the animal kingdom is directly dependent on
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  15. Before the reign of Charles II most of the streets of London were not lighted after dark. It was dangerous to venture out at night; behind the screen of darkness, bandits and pickpockets practised their art with
  16. Your answer:
    little profit.

  17. Provision has been made by the government for the maintenance of armies and navies whose duty it is to protect this nation from enemy aggression. This provision permits citizens to enjoy a measure of security even though they do not give of their own time to
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  19. Hobbies and sports differ in certain respects. We may spend our spare moments participating in various sports, but the devotion of a weekend to fishing or a single afternoon to golf does not qualify these sports as hobbies. A hobby requires not just occasional attention but
  20. Your answer:
    prolonged interest.
    sporadic perusal.
    amiable companions.
    good attitudes.

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