Reading for Understanding Two #66A

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  1. When Ulysses and his followers arrived in the land of the Cyclopes, the first habitation that they found was a huge cave. Judging from the vast proportions of the cave, the wanderers were sure that the owner was a
  2. Your answer:

  3. Many diamonds are famous for their size and beauty, but the clear or blue-white stones are the finest. Diamonds that are dark or faulty in shade are used mostly for industrial purposes, and most of the diamonds used for jewelry are
  4. Your answer:
    cut in Africa.
    clear and blue white.
    sold on installments.

  5. People have always tried to portray movement in pictures. Even the cave dwellers drew pictures of animals and people on their walls so that when the fire flickered the figures seemed
  6. Your answer:
    to be of many shades.
    ghostly apparitions.
    almost real.
    to be in motion

  7. Eighteenth century political theorists believed that all people are born equal and that environment and training are responsible for differences that later develop. Helvetius declared that any child could become a great artist, writer, or scientist if provided with the proper
  8. Your answer:

  9. Although the moose possesses legs about one-and-one-half meters long that could carry it over long distances with ease, it travels very little except during the mating season. Usually it spends its entire life
  10. Your answer:
    within a relatively small area.
    seeking a new mate.
    in extensive migrations.
    exercising vigorously.

  11. Although Athens and Sparta were both Greek cities and their people spoke a common language, in many other respects these cities were
  12. Your answer:

  13. By the Middle Ages, two distinct nationalities were settled on the Iberian Peninsula. Yet, since they were subject to similar geographic influences and since they sprang from almost identical stock, the Spaniards and the Portuguese had some
  14. Your answer:
    common enemies.
    common characteristics.
    success in exploration.
    bloody battles.

  15. Generally, the dieting problem is concerned with physical beauty - we want to build up flat areas or flatten built-up areas. Those who face this problem should buy a chart showing the amounts of calories, vitamins, etc., contained in basic foods. By controlling the number of calories in their diets, they can
  16. Your answer:
    increase their consumption of the basic foods.
    gain or lose weight.
    save their money.
    learn better to enjoy food.

  17. The marsupial pattern of reproduction has sometimes been thought to be inefficient for the animals' survival. The fact that the only North American marsupial is the opossum that is found in large numbers and in extensive areas suggests that its method of reproduction has not prevented its
  18. Your answer:
    value as human food.
    food supply.
    interesting history.

  19. The incidence of earthquakes is distributed over the earth's surface. There is no part of the earth where at least slight tremors
  20. Your answer:
    precede great shocks.
    disturb the earth.
    do not occur.
    are noticed.

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