Reading for Understanding Two #63C

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  1. During much of the nineteenth century, public roads and turnpikes were mantained by the collection of a fee from the people who used the roads. The fee was called a toll, and the roads were called toll roads. Today, most roads are built and maintained by the government, using mainly the money collected by vehicle registration fees and fuel taxes. However, a number of modern toll roads are now in use. They are well engineered and well maintained and have little or no cross traffic. On such roads, cars can maintain a nearly constant speed. The toll charge must be paid, but many drivers are willing to pay it because they
  2. Your answer:
    save time.
    pay taxes anyway.
    save registration fees.
    have no accidents.

  3. All kinds of musical instruments make up an orchestra: percussion, strings, woodwinds, and brass. A band generally includes some of each of these kinds of instruments except for strings. A band has a large clarinet section instead of
  4. Your answer:

  5. Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is often called the "Paris of the North" because of its gaiety. The proud citizens of Copenhagen, however, feel that Paris, the gayest city in France, should be called
  6. Your answer:
    "the capital of Denmark."
    "the city of light."
    "the Copenhagen of the South."
    "the capital of France."

  7. Writers of fiction have portrayed the gladiators who fought for their lives in the Roman arenas as romantic and heroic figures. Actually, their lot was an unhappy one. They were very
  8. Your answer:

  9. It is a well-known fact that the pressure of air decreases before a storm and that it increases in fair weather. The barometer is an instrument for measuring air pressure. A falling barometer shows that the air pressure is becoming lower and that a storm is coming. A rising barometer indicates that the weather will be
  10. Your answer:

  11. Soap used to be so expensive that only rich people could use it. Now it is cheap. People know that cleanliness is important for health. We no longer consider soap a luxury. We think of it as a
  12. Your answer:

  13. All substances are made up of atoms. Atoms are so tiny that it is hard to imagine how tiny they really are. They can be studied only by means of the most powerful microscopes. A drop of water the size of a pinhead
  14. Your answer:
    contains particles of dust.
    contains billions of atoms.
    will quickly evaporate.
    is hard to see.

  15. Rapidly growing children require more protein than do retired people, whose physical growth is complete. Adolescents, with their intermediate speed of development, require a still different amount of protein. Protein requirement varies with
  16. Your answer:
    rate of growth.
    mental development.
    bodily weight.

  17. Arachnologists do not agree on just how intelligent spiders are, but most of these scientists agree that a spider learns fairly quickly. In one experiment, a tuning fork was sounded at intervals near an orb weaver spider, a creature that ordinarily drops from its web at any loud noise. The first nine times the spider did drop from its web; but it slowly lost interest and, by the end of two weeks, it
  18. Your answer:
    fell out of the web regularly.
    disregarded the noise.
    learned to weave complicated patterns.
    jumped before the fork was sounded.

  19. At a mountain resort, all natives stopped their daily activities to search for the missing skiers. Visitors come to the resort to enjoy themselves, but they often end by
  20. Your answer:
    enjoying themselves a great deal.
    merely sitting around complaining.
    causing trouble for others.
    eating too much.

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