Reading for Understanding Two #63B

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  1. Nothing that we do is ever, in strict scientific literalness, wiped out. The drunken Rip Van Winkle in Jefferson's play excuses himself for every fresh dereliction by saying, "I won't count this time." Well, he may not count it, and a kind Heaven may not count it; but it is
  2. Your answer:
    counted nonetheless.
    too large to count.
    not worth counting.
    a pity that he cannot count.

  3. In some caves, water drips down through cracks in the rocks. This water contains dissolved minerals that harden and remain on the floor of the cave. Drops of water falling on the same spot over a long period of time
  4. Your answer:
    build up columns of minerals.
    finally flood the cave.
    leave no trace after evaporation.
    wear holes through the floor.

  5. Not all the peoples of the world are named in the same manner as are Westerners. In most Western countries the family name, or surname, is the last name; it follows the given names. In China the reverse is the case. The family name is
  6. Your answer:
    the middle name.
    the last name.
    the first name.
    omitted altogether.

  7. As spring arrives, and as the weather entices the family to take to the open road, strategically located restaurants and eating places begin to experience
  8. Your answer:
    heat exhaustion.
    growing pains.
    customer complaints.
    an increase in trade.

  9. The first people who tried to invade prosperous Japan were able to disembark successfully; but, once on the the islands, they were sent running back to their boats by the superior land tactics of the Japanese soldiers. This experience warned other tribes that desired to conquer Japan that this feat would not be
  10. Your answer:

  11. To the Hindu, the cow is a sacred animal whose life must not be taken. Although India has more cattle than any other country in the world, these cattle bring little economic return; they are
  12. Your answer:
    a valuable natural resource.
    slaughtered in times of famine.
    never killed.
    a source of food.

  13. Fish must be hooked at the moment they bite. Customers must be sold your product before they have a chance to buy from someone else. In both situations, the important thing is
  14. Your answer:
    detailed preparation.
    careful thought.
    patient restraint.
    immediate action.

  15. Try not to sulk when people laugh at you. You may profit by being the object of their amusement if you can laugh with them, since most people admire those who can join in laughter
  16. Your answer:
    about the foibles of a friend.
    whenever they feel like laughing.
    that is directed towards themselves.
    at a really good story.

  17. When a bone is forced out of place, ligaments may be torn. This tearing adds to the seriousness of the
  18. Your answer:

  19. Many people were sad and thought that they would never see a good circus again when the owner of a large circus announced in 1956, "This circus can no longer exist under canvas." Times have changed. There are now no gigantic circus tents; but acts have been improved, and large circus crowds attend the circus in
  20. Your answer:
    recreative parks.
    ball parks.
    local cinemas.
    huge indoor stadiums.

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