Reading for Understanding Two #63A

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  1. As a result of the Industrial Revolution of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and the consequent introduction of machinery, there was a great increase in the number of accidents. Thus, we are not surprised that the first work in accident prevention was carried on by
  2. Your answer:
    transport companies.
    the government.
    the schools.

  3. Mica is a mineral that has a number of industrial uses. Since veins of mica start near the surface of the earth, the mining of this mineral is fairly
  4. Your answer:

  5. Three of the countries of the Far East are China, Korea, and Japan. Western countries have often referred to the Far East as the Orient. This name comes from the Latin word oriens, which means "rising," and refers to the rising of the
  6. Your answer:

  7. According to the ancient Druid religion, the universe contained forces for good and forces for evil. The sun was thought of as an important force for good, with great power for destroying evil forces. Evil forces were considered to be most powerful
  8. Your answer:
    at night.
    in summer.
    on the earth.
    at dawn.

  9. Most skin moles are harmless, but sometimes one may develop into cancer if located so that it is subject to continual irritation by clothing. It is recommended that moles be removed if located on the
  10. Your answer:

  11. The value of an object may increase with age. A chair that, when new, was of modest value may, as an antique, be
  12. Your answer:

  13. People who live near airports have protested the noise of the planes. Lawsuits claiming that property values have been lowered because of the noise have been brought against airport authorities. One solution that has been more widely used in Europe than in North America is a curfew. Under a curfew, people can get a good night's rest because the airport is closed
  14. Your answer:
    in stormy weather.
    from 6 A.M. to midnight.
    from midnight to 6 A.M.
    on holidays and Sundays.

  15. In southern regions of the United States, many trout anglers use artificial flies that float on the surface of the water rather than flies that sink beneath the water. Southern lakes are very calm, so that the natural fly usually floats on the surface; the fish are
  16. Your answer:
    so tame that they would not hurt a fly.
    terrified of their natural enemies.
    accustomed to feed on it there.
    completely oblivious to its presence.

  17. Many products are ours merely for the taking. We have only to remove honey from a hive, fish from a stream, and gold from a riverbed. The work involved in their production has been done by
  18. Your answer:

  19. They battled with the determination of bulldogs; neither one indicated any tendency to
  20. Your answer:

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