Reading for Understanding Two #62B

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  1. Engineers in ancient Rome invented the dome and were the first to use concrete and iron beams in construction. In the ancient world, the Romans were great
  2. Your answer:

  3. The barracuda, a large fish, will pursue any shiny moving object. This tendency sometimes makes it dangerous to bathers. This same trait, however, makes it
  4. Your answer:
    easy to hook.
    useless as food.
    at home in deep water.
    rare in fresh water.

  5. Early cloth makers had to use linen thread for the warp in cotton cloth because neither the spinning wheel nor the jenny could make cotton thread that was strong enough. Since linen thread cost a great deal, the cloth was
  6. Your answer:

  7. My great-great-grandparents never saw a plane, never heard a radio, and never watched a television show. They would not have believed these things possible. Now such inventions are so widely used that we forget that they are really very
  8. Your answer:

  9. Cakes are best baked at one temperature, pies at another, bread at another. Different kinds of meat are best roasted at specific temperatures. It takes the guesswork out of cooking if the oven has
  10. Your answer:
    heat control.
    a glass door.

  11. Basketball is a popular sport in the United States. After five personal fouls have been called against a basketball player, he or she is not allowed to play any more during the game. A coach sometimes removes a star player who has made four fouls so that the player will still be eligible to play if
  12. Your answer:
    needed badly later.
    wanted by the other team.
    popular with the team.
    guilty of another foul.

  13. The Cabots returned to England without the gold and spices that they had sought on their voyage to the North American continent. Disappointed by this failure, the English lost interest in the newly discovered land across the sea, and for nearly a hundred years they
  14. Your answer:
    sent ships to explore it.
    lost interest in gold and spices.
    sent settlers to start colonies.
    did not explore it further.

  15. A bit of advice that is frequently given on how to win friends is never to talk much about yourself but to let other persons talk about themselves as much as they like. The assumption is that people talk about themselves because they enjoy it and will like you better for
  16. Your answer:
    taking their advice.
    sharing their views.
    listening to them.
    talking about yourself.

  17. Every job requires at least a minimum amount of skill. Different occupations require different skills, and the ways in which these skills can be acquired are usually also varied. But the general fact remains that, in order to become a competent worker, one must
  18. Your answer:
    acquire the necessary skills.
    go to school.
    join the local union.
    earn some money.

  19. Newspaper advertisements can be made more timely than magazine advertisements because
  20. Your answer:
    newspapers can be planned and printed quickly.
    local stores keep in touch with consumer demand.
    the same goods are in demand at the same time each year.
    they are circulated in a limited area.

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