Reading for Understanding Two #62A

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  1. Industries should be sure that any equipment that may come in contact with electric current is connected in some way to the earth. This is probably the best way for industry to protect its workers from electric shock and possible
  2. Your answer:

  3. When they went into battle, both the horse and its rider were protected by metal suits that almost completely enclosed them. Thus the horse had to
  4. Your answer:
    protect the soldier.
    carry a great weight.
    run very quickly.
    obey its rider.

  5. This tourist area is trying to attract travellers in the autumn as well as in the summer. An autumn tourist business would mean additional revenue to many residents of the area. A recent bulletin points out the large number of seasonal sports, the beauty of the foliage at this time of year, the greater individual attention to guests in less-crowded resorts, and the
  6. Your answer:
    greater number of tourists.
    shorter distances to travel.
    opening of schools.
    lower off-season rates.

  7. Until very recently, rotation of crops was the accepted method for revitalizing the soil. Certain acreages would be planted with a nitrate-producing plant, such as clover, and then this crop would be plowed into the soil. Now it is cheaper and just as effective to use commercial fertilizer, making it possible for farmers to
  8. Your answer:
    plant legumes to plow under as fertilizer.
    make their own fertilizer.
    harvest the same crop every year from all their acreage.
    rent some of their land to the government.

  9. After it is mined, ore must be crushed and melted in gigantic furnaces in order that the pure metal or other mineral can be separated from the slag, or waste material. Frequently, when this is done, the slag rises to the top like froth; and the heavier liquid metal
  10. Your answer:
    is drawn off from the middle.
    rises to the top later.
    is melted only slowly.
    is drained off below.

  11. The author of this book had had many personal troubles; yet, within its pages, one finds no indication of
  12. Your answer:

  13. All substances that we commonly know as gases can, under certain specified conditions, be changed to liquids or to solids. Suppose that our world were as hot as an oven. Assuming that we could live under this condition, we would observe that water was a gas and tin a liquid. Whether a particular substance exists in solid, liquid, or gaseous form depends on
  14. Your answer:
    uncontrollable factors.
    its component parts.
    its temperature.
    our needs.

  15. Clay is composed of very small particles of stone that are so minute that they can be distinguished only with the aid of a microscope. These particles are so fine that water drains through them very slowly. Consequently, after a long rain, clay soil is very
  16. Your answer:

  17. When forest trees are crowded, their lower branches are killed. Sometimes the trunks of crowded trees extend upwards a hundred feet
  18. Your answer:
    without bark.
    without branches.
    with heavy branches.
    before breaking.

  19. The South American sloth has long been considered a slow and homely creature. One observer reported in 1748 seeing a sloth so lazy that after it threw fruit to the ground from a tree, it rolled itself into a ball and fell from its tree just to avoid the work of
  20. Your answer:
    falling down.
    eating the fruit.
    climbing down.
    climbing back up.

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