Reading for Understanding Two #61B

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  1. We often cease to notice objects that are always in our presence. We become so accustomed to them that we become unaware of their
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  3. In former days, when each part of the body had a will of its own, the Members generally began to find fault with the Belly for spending an idle, luxurious life. They believed that they were wholly occupied in working for its support, so they entered into a conspiracy to cut off its supplies for the future. The Hands were no longer to carry food to the Mouth, nor the Mouth to receive the food, nor the Teeth to chew it. They had not long persisted in this course of starving the Belly into subjection, ere they all began, one by one, to fail and flag, and the whole body to pine away. Then the Members were convinced that the Belly also had
  4. Your answer:
    no interest in the rest of the body.
    an interesting life of its own.
    an important function to perform.
    a bad temper when aroused.

  5. When fat surrounds food particles, it keeps the digestive fluid in the stomach from acting on the food. For this reason, fried foods are often
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  7. Pesticides are responsible for many deaths every year, and there are many more cases of nonfatal pesticide poisoning. These chemicals play an important role in many aspects of our lives; for example, in the production of food and in the prevention of disease. We cannot do without these chemicals, but they must be handled with
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  9. Even though we often make fun of weather forecasters and their sometimes unfulfilled predictions, the weather report is
  10. Your answer:
    still the first newspaper item many of us read.
    a reflection of the forecasters' desires.
    actually quite unscientific.
    irrelevant to modern transport.

  11. The introduction of the horse to the North American continent permitted the Native American greatly increased success in the buffalo chase. Many tribes at this time abandoned agriculture in favor of
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  13. Profits accumulated in haste are least enduring, for they are seldom the consequence of worth. The flawless but toilsome produce of wisdom always grows
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  15. You may think that Wyatt Earp is only the name of a character in U.S. TV westerns. But a person by that name really lived and was a deputy marshal in Dodge City, Kansas. He had been a stagecoach driver, a railway construction worker in the west, a deputy sheriff, a surveyor, and a buffalo hunter. His name was really
  16. Your answer:
    Wyatt Earp.

  17. A general's chief concern is with winning battles. When Napoleon was asked which of his troops he considered his best, he replied, "Those that are
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  19. Crude rubber, the first rubber material used, was not very satisfactory. It became sticky and soft or even melted in hot weather and became hard and stiff in cold weather. Charles Goodyear tried to improve this material so that it would not be
  20. Your answer:
    necessary to import it.
    better than the crude product.
    a commercial product.
    so affected by temperature.

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