Reading for Understanding Two #60 C

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  1. Many highways that carry heavy traffic are becoming lined with billboard advertising. Many people believe that legeslation will be needed tp preserve the scenery for the tourist. I like beautiful scenery, so I always take
  2. Your answer:
    less popular roads.
    the southern route.
    a jet airliner.
    an open-top car.

  3. The amount of food that one farmer can produce is much more than it used to be. Mechanical inventions and scientific agriculture have made it possible for farmers to produce enough food to feed many people. Some countries that used to have food shortages can now
  4. Your answer:
    export foods.
    build dams.
    import foods.
    control their climate.

  5. The stomach has a muscular coat that makes it very elastic. Generally, its capacity is about one liter, but it can contain larger quantities of food and drink because it can
  6. Your answer:
    digest food.
    churn food.

  7. In the early days of navigation, a voyage through icy waters with only guesses for guides was a dangerous undertaking; but now detailed information is available on the location of
  8. Your answer:
    fishing grounds.

  9. Ice and metals have definite melting points. When heated, each suddenly becomes liquid at its melting point. However, such things as butter, sealing wax, and glass melt gradually when heated. They first become soft, then softer, and finally change to liquid form. As a result, it is difficult to determine
  10. Your answer:
    the elemnts in their composition.
    their exact melting points.
    how they may be solidified.
    their relation to ice and metals.

  11. You cannot tell whether an orange is sweet and good by the apperance of the skin. An orange with green skin may be very good choice, and even skin blemishes do not indicate poor fruit. Heavier oranges have more juice in them and are a better buy than lighter ones. The best way to choose oranges is by
  12. Your answer:

  13. In this country, soap is so commonplace that its use is taken for granted. But in many poor countries of the world the washing of clothes and bodies is done by hard rubbing in plain water. In these countries soap is still
  14. Your answer:
    highly perfumed.
    very cheap.
    a luxury.
    used only for bathing.

  15. The region around the South Pole is the coldest in the world. This region, called Antartica, was the last large part of the earth to be discovered and explored. Scientists have taken part in the recent expeditions to Antartica and have found much of interest. There are no trees for lumber. There are probably deposits of coal and minerals deep under the ice, but the hardships and expense of developing such a region make it of little value now so far as commerce is concerned. At the present time, the greatest interest in Antartica is found among
  16. Your answer:

  17. We do not charge for any of the services that we are able to give you. The service that you recieve does not depend on
  18. Your answer:
    how great your need is.
    the facilities that we have.
    how much service you want.
    how much you can pay.

  19. The broomrape is a complete parasite. Devoid of chlorophyll, it lives on the food that another plant, its host, has manufactured. The familiar mistltoe is a partial parasite. It depends on its host for its supply of water and soil salts but manufactures its own
  20. Your answer:

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