Readind for Understanding Two #60 B

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  1. In an instrumental concert, we do not hear separately a lute, a spinet, and a flute; we hear a general harmony, the effect of
  2. Your answer:
    the whole chamber group.
    long years of individual practice.
    one instrument only.
    competition among the players.

  3. Because of the anatomical structure of a fly, it must jump backwards before it begins to fly. Therefore, when swatting a fly, one should aim
  4. Your answer:
    a little to the right.
    slightly behind it.
    directly on top of it.
    a little in front of it.

  5. Hair tint is due to the presence of granules of brown or red pigment. This pigment tends to be of a light shade in childhood and darker in early adulthood. It tends to disappear later in life. This results in the greying of the hair. Generally, grey hair signifies
  6. Your answer:
    a new pigment formation.
    advanced age.
    loss of hair.
    disease of the scalp.

  7. Because of shortage of workers and materials, very few roads were constructed during the war. Yet, at the same time, existing roads were used very heavily, so that the nation fell even farther behind in the battle for
  8. Your answer:
    better roads.
    new car models.
    transport services.
    road machinery.

  9. We have found among the ruins of Persian architecture only palaces and tombs. If the Persians contructed temples,
  10. Your answer:
    they were indeed beautiful.
    we do not care to know of them.
    they were built by slaves.
    we have found no traces of them.

  11. If you are driving in twilight, in rain, or in snow, it is recommended that you turn on your headlights. The purpose of doing this is not to improve visibility for you but to make sure that an oncoming driver can
  12. Your answer:
    see you.
    hurry by.
    turn on his lights.
    drive faster.

  13. An encyclopedia is a collection of information on many different topics. Most encyclopedias have thousands of pages. Because the number of pages is so large, encyclopedias usually consist of many
  14. Your answer:

  15. Like that of most flowers, the bloom of a century plant lasts only a short time. It is usually many years until the plant blooms again. A blooming century plant
  16. Your answer:
    blooms only once.
    is seldom seen.
    is very beautiful.
    blooms for a hundred years.

  17. The painstaking gardeners in the sandy regions around Melbourne knew that plants could not grow when choked by dust. They were careful to see that three times each day their plants were
  18. Your answer:

  19. A large percentage of all coffee comes from Brazil. Large ships carry coffee beans to many countries. Since green coffee absorbs strong scents, care is taken to exclude on these ships cargoes such as
  20. Your answer:

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