Reading for Understanding Two #59A

Thelma Thurstone -- The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc

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  1. Our modern English language includes so many words of Latin derivation that we rarely utter a sentence without
  2. Your answer:
    using some of them.
    proper grammatical form.
    thinking of the Romans.
    enlarging our vocabulary.

  3. The stage manager, who is first in command at every performance of a play, must be able to give orders to both the stage crew and actors. Hence it is necessary that stage managers possess definite ability in
  4. Your answer:

  5. The advertisement had spoken enthusiastically of a handsome residence set on a beautifully landscaped acre. When the real estate agent said "This is it" and opened the car door, we looked out upon an ancient cottage almost hidden by weeds. We did not need to look further to know that
  6. Your answer:
    the address was wrong.
    this was just what we wanted.
    the property had been misrepresented.
    a large family must live here.

  7. Things are not always what they appear to be. First impressions should always be
  8. Your answer:

  9. The pitcher plant is so named because the margins of its leaves fold together to form a receptacle that retains rainwater. Insects, lured into this "pitcher" by a sweet secretion, are held there by a number of stiff hairs at the lower end of the pitcher, and there they
  10. Your answer:
    are trapped.
    are freed.

  11. It is not an inflexible rule that the time required for the completion of a sale goes down with the price of the articles, but usually it takes a clerk longer to sell a suit than
  12. Your answer:
    an automobile.
    a diamond ring.
    a pair of gloves.
    a farm.

  13. Getting tattooed is a very painful process. Small holes are made in the skin with a sharp needle, and dye is put in the holes. One thing that a tattoo indicates, among others, is that the person
  14. Your answer:
    can stand pain.
    has served in the armed forces.
    is artistic.
    belongs to a certain tribe.

  15. Animals whose movements and whose very existence are governed by the weather have a "weather sense" that human beings have never been able to equal. Even the North American Indians, who were fine weather prophets, relied almost entirely on the movements of the creatures of the wild for their
  16. Your answer:
    weather predictions.
    source of clothing.
    control of weather.
    food supply.

  17. A person's weight is a matter of the number of calories consumed and the number of calories used by the body. If the number of calories eaten is the same as the number used, then the person's weight is unchanged. If the number of calories eaten is larger than the number used, the weight is increased. If the number of calories used is larger than the number eaten, the person will
  18. Your answer:
    lose weight.
    become fatter.
    consume less food.
    utilize more food.

  19. Plum trees bear successfully when they are planted close together. A large number of trees can be raised
  20. Your answer:
    to bear fruit.
    on a small space.
    at low cost.
    every year.

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