Reading for Understanding Two #58C

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  1. Large corporations have vast power, but they have found that to retain this power they must let public opinion control its use. The real power belongs to the
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  3. The city of Florence in north central Italy has many fine buildings and several of the greatest collections of paintings in Europe. It was also the home of some of Italy's most famous writers. It does not have the antiquity that Rome has and was never a great economic power in Europe as Venice was. To the tourist, it is one of the most interesting of the Italilan cities because of its
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  5. Thomas Hobbes walked a great deal and meditated as he walked. He carried in the head of his walking stick a pen and an inkhorn (this was before the days of ballpoint pens) and always carried a notebook in his pocket. As soon as an idea came to him, he would stop and write it in his book, for he knew that otherwise he might
  6. Your answer:
    meditate on it.
    forget it.
    copy it.
    expand it.

  7. A wide variety of crops is now grown in the southeastern United States. Many plants native to remote regions of the world have been transplanted to the southern soil. Alfalfa, credited with an Asiatic origin, has become one of the great income-producing crops of the
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  9. According to the laws of heredity, characteristics possessed by parents will appear in the progeny. Since the parent leopard is spotted, we expect that its offspring will be
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  11. Whereas most elehants are grey, occasionally a white elephant is born. Many years ago in India these animal were considered to be very valuable; when one was found, it was given to the ruler of the country. The ruler had to feed and take care of the elephant, althought the elephant did nothing for him. Now, when someone gives a gift that is hard to take care of and harder to give away, we speak of it as
  12. Your answer:
    a white elephant
    an Indian ruler.
    a valuable gift
    a grey elephant

  13. Parrots and parakeets are among the best of the talking birds. Parrots and parakeets merely repeat what they hear--they do not understand what they are saying. Therefore,
  14. Your answer:
    some breeds of parrots are better talkers than are others.
    it is difficult to teach parrots and parakeets certain words.
    only a few phrases can be taught to te birds.
    you could not carry on a conversation with a parrot.

  15. A summary is available that is convenient for use and contains all the principal ideas that were presented in the full-length
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  17. The planes had been in their hangars for several days because it was storming. The pilots called the weather "low ceiling," which meant that the planes could not fly because the clouds were too heavy and too
  18. Your answer:
    close to the earth.
    fleecily pretty.
    damp and dank.
    darkly grey.

  19. Throughout the Dark Ages, whole monasteries of monks handcopied the decaying crumbling papyrus scrolls of the ancients into parchment books. Without these great efforts of copying, much of the literature of the ancients
  20. Your answer:
    could be interesting.
    might exist today.
    would have been lost.
    could have been preserved.

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