Reading for Understanding Two #58B

Thelma Thurstone -- The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc

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  1. Behold, a prince is in a conspicuous place. Water and Wind report concerning all that he does; what is done by him never remains
  2. Your answer:

  3. The knight was the bravest man in all the land, so he wanted the man who was to marry his daughter to be brave too. Naturally, the knight did not expect to find anyone as brave as himself, but he could not seem to find any young man who seemed to be at all outstanding in
  4. Your answer:

  5. Asbestos is a mineral that is fireproof and that can be woven into material. Charlemagne had a tablecloth made of asbestos material. It is told that after each banquet he threw the cloth into the fire and let all the grease burn off. This was his way of
  6. Your answer:
    providing work for clothmakers.
    enjoying the smell of burning grease.
    showing that asbestos would burn.
    cleaning the tablecloth.

  7. The soil of China is so rich and its climate so beneficial to crops that for centuries one of its most important industries has been
  8. Your answer:
    raising silkworms.

  9. Compulsory retirement provisions in industry give younger workers added assurance that new opportunities
  10. Your answer:
    are fairly distributed.
    will open up to them.
    must be sought in new work.
    will help the older worker.

  11. Around the North and the South Poles there are many glaciers- huge ice rivers that never melt completely. If these glaciers were to melt, sea levels throughout the world would rise, possibly as much as fifty or sixty meters. The disappearance of the glaciers would result in the destruction of many
  12. Your answer:
    coastal cities.
    inland rivers.
    mountain ranges.
    smaller seas.

  13. Animals have different ways of protecting themselves against their enemies. Some, like the deer, can run fast enough to escape from many of their enemies. Some fight with natural weapons such as claws, horns, or teeth. Some escape into trees or holes where the attacker cannot reach them. Thus, many animals are protected by
  14. Your answer:
    forest preserves.
    natural features.
    other animals.

  15. Have no fear that any information will remain long hidden from the world while human beings still talk to one another. Money burns a hole in a child's pocket no more than a newsworthy item burns in an adult's mind
  16. Your answer:
    until it can be told.
    until it is forgotten.
    if it is important.
    when it is good news.

  17. Chemists of many years ago tried unsuccessfully to find a method by which they could turn iron into gold and thus become
  18. Your answer:

  19. We are growing discontented with our college. It is proper that we should. Our discontent is not prompted by an unreasonable desire for perfection. We are friends of this institution that has served us so well in the past, and we desire to keep it from
  20. Your answer:
    falling short of its best.
    raising its standard.
    following popular trends.
    becoming too great.

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