Reading for Understanding Two # 58A

Thelma Thurstone The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

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  1. Though few people have ever been lucky enough to observe them, we know that wild animals do play. The author of this book of animal stories has some suggestions as to how we may
  2. Your answer:
    keep animals from playing.
    catch them at it.
    play with tame animals.
    play with each other.

  3. Most harvesting of fruits and vegetables is done by migratory workers who move from place to place
  4. Your answer:
    in their own cars.
    with great speed.
    and earn good money.
    following the harvest.

  5. Galileo's father was convinced that poverty was the lot of those who studied mathematics. Since he did not want his son to be poor, he urged Galileo to study medicine and botany and discouraged him from becoming a
  6. Your answer:

  7. In the earliest days, the only round objects that people could use were those found in nature, for they had no tools. Later, when people learned to make tools, they could
  8. Your answer:
    use the round objects in nature.
    forge hammers and nails.
    make their own round objects.
    compete with animals.

  9. Cowhands taking a herd of cattle from one place to another want to arrive with exactly as many animals as they start with. They must keep their cattle from leaving the herd and must stop any stray cattle from
  10. Your answer:
    seeing it.
    ignoring it.
    leaving it.
    joining it.

  11. For a long time mosquitoes were thought of only as annoying pests. But, after the discovery that certain mosquitoes are the common carriers of malaria and yellow fever, mosquitoes were classified as one of our
  12. Your answer:
    most dangerous germs.
    worst enemies.
    most easily controlled pests.
    most deadly diseases.

  13. Our desire for sympathetic and understanding comradeship leads us into
  14. Your answer:

  15. Millet is a crop that is almost as important as wheat. Its name is derived from the Latin word mille, which means a thousand. One millet seed may produce a plant
  16. Your answer:
    if it is tended carefully.
    yielding a thousand seeds.
    and one plant only.
    several times annually.

  17. To satisfy yourself that air has weight, weigh an empty fixed-volume balloon, blow it up, and weigh it again. You will find that when the balloon is inflated beyond atmospheric pressure, it is heavier than it was when empty. If the whole balloon plus air weighs more than the balloon alone, each part must have a weight of its own. Thus, it follows that the
  18. Your answer:
    balloon has no weight.
    air is lighter than the balloon.
    air is light.
    air has weight.

  19. Saws driven by fuel engines cannot be used in areas where a spark or backfire might set off an explosion. There are, however, power saws operated by compressed air that can be used to work in places threatened by
  20. Your answer:
    worker shortages.
    power cutoffs.
    fire hazards.
    enemy attacks.

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