Reading for Understanding Two #57C

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  1. Mountain grasslands are sometimes found high up the slopes of mountains, above the forest zone. In some parts of the Alps, the grass is particularly good for grazing because the soil is rich. In the spring, the mountain people drive their cattle and sheep up the mountains and leave them to graze there for the summer. In summer, the lowland pastures are dry, but the mountain grass is fresh. The animals are brought back to the lowland pastures
  2. Your answer:
    in early spring.
    in the autumn.
    when it is dry enough.
    when the weather gets warm.

  3. In Europe, rye used to be considered the crop of the poor, for it was made into the black bread that formed a large part of the diet of the
  4. Your answer:
    working people.

  5. Cork is actually the bark of the cork tree. The cork tree, unlike most trees, does not die as a result of being stripped of its bark. Not only does the tree live but it grows new bark, which within ten years is thick enough to be stripped off again. Since the average cork tree lives well over one hundred years, each tree can be
  6. Your answer:
    stripped of cork as soon as it dies.
    a repeated source of cork.
    useful in many different ways.
    cut up for cork before it dies.

  7. The Red River forms the eastern border of North Dakota, and very rich glaciated soil is found in the valley of this river. Huge crops of spring wheat are produced there on large farms. In the central part of the state, many small farms produce a variety of crops. In western North Dakota, large numbers of livestock are raised because of the small amount of rainfall there. North Dakota is truly
  8. Your answer:
    a poor state.
    mostly semidesert.
    an agricultural state.
    a manufacturing state.

  9. Many communities experience a demand for electrical power that exceeds the supply of power on some hot summer days. The widespread use of air conditioning on such days is considered the cause of these
  10. Your answer:
    national environmental problems.
    public utility profits.
    year-round power failures.
    temporary power shortages.

  11. The caterpillar of the great peacock moth does not spin its entire cocoon at one time. It spins for a while and then rests before spinning once again. You could not say that it is a
  12. Your answer:
    lowly insect.
    steady worker
    young moth.
    fine artist.

  13. We both started and drew back when we glimpsed the dark bulk behind the log. Then we mustered our courage and moved forward to satisfy our curiosity, thinking, "This thing must be
  14. Your answer:

  15. It has been said that restaurants in the United States sell as much apple pie as they do all other kinds of pie put together. It is not surprising, then, that people sometimes say
  16. Your answer:
    "An apple for the teacher."
    "Washington is the Apple State."
    "An apple a day keeps the doctor away."
    "It is as American as apple pie."

  17. Education is a journey with a distination that advances as you travel towards it. It matters not how far the mind has travelled under the guidance of a teacher: it has
  18. Your answer:
    another voyage ahead.
    lost its desire for travel.
    few travelling companions.
    very little luggage

  19. Many scientists regret the fact that they must record and report as well as make observations, but writing is not something that they may or may not choose to do. In any research, reporting is
  20. Your answer:
    best left undone unless the scientist is also a writer.
    an integral and inescapable factor.
    done only to please the sponsors.
    strictly a chore that has little value.

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