Reading for Understanding Two # 57B

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  1. Because fresh milk sours easily, people learned long ago to make it into cheese, butter, and other foods that
  2. Your answer:
    keep better.
    are more healthful.
    cost less.
    contain more vitamins.

  3. Agriculture is very important because most of our food and clothing come from farm products. Without agriculture we would be without
  4. Your answer:
    many of life's necessities.
    employment for thousands of persons.
    a source of lumber.
    a market for many manufactured products.

  5. Tourism is an important source of income for some African nations. These countries have set aside large areas for national parks that protect the native wild animals and thus attract tourists who are interested in seeing the
  6. Your answer:
    gold mines.

  7. Around many large rivers, the existence of flood plains indicates that water recurrently overflows the riverbanks. Some of those who farm on such a plain do not realize that their enterprise necessarily involves a
  8. Your answer:

  9. The story of Henry Hudson is tragic indeed. He was a brave English explorer who wanted to find a water route from England to the Orient. On one of his expeditions, he discovered the large bay in the northern part of North America that is now called Hudson Bay. The bay was frozen, so that Hudson's ship, called the Discovery, had to stay there for the winter. The crew were so dissatisfied that they put Hudson, his son, and seven loyal members of the crew in a small boat and cast them adrift. After that Hudson
  10. Your answer:
    was never heard from again.
    named the bay Hudson Bay.
    discovered Hudson Bay
    returned successfully to England.

  11. The planet Neptune is in almost complete darkness because its distance from the sun is so great that it receives little of the sun's
  12. Your answer:

  13. I know that you are busy, and I would not present you with this material on physical science if I were not confident that it would enhance your enjoyment of leisure. Although it would be a headache to another, I know that you will find it
  14. Your answer:
    a duty.

  15. In bull-riding contests there are sometimes clowns whose duty it is to distract the attention of an enraged bull from a fallen rider. By doing this, the clowns have
  16. Your answer:
    given the rider a hard jolt.
    kept the bull from quitting the fight.
    diverted the spectators' attention.
    saved many riders' lives.

  17. If citizens are to be free, they must be their own judges. If they are to judge well, they must be wise. Citizens may be born free; they are not born wise. Therefore, the business of education in a democracy is to make free citizens
  18. Your answer:

  19. We are all aware of the size of our incomes, but the size of our earnings is not nearly so important in determining our living standard as
  20. Your answer:
    whether we are paid in cash or by bank deposit.
    how often we are paid.
    how much our money will buy.
    whether payment is in our own currency or in foreign money.

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