Reading for Understanding Two #57A

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  1. Our sense of taste is only for bitter, sour, sweet, and salty. The other "tastes" we experience come from our sense of smell, which is much stronger than our sense of taste. Our sense of taste almost disappears when we
  2. Your answer:
    eat a pickle.
    have a cold.
    breathe deeply.
    eat outdoors.

  3. Occasionally, my memory is disagreeably good and holds a great deal that I would prefer to
  4. Your answer:

  5. Your study time is largely wasted when you have to pinch yourself every few minutes in order to stay awake. The only way to study effectively is to become so absorbed in your work that dinnertime comes an hour
  6. Your answer:
    later than you had hoped.
    after you have stopped studying.
    before you expected it.
    after you have eaten.

  7. The privately managed bituminous coal companies, while meeting all of today's needs, are making ready in every way to supply the even greater production the future may
  8. Your answer:

  9. For hours the wind and snow joined forces to battle our frail shelter. The windows shook, and the chimney trembled until we feared that the sun had vanished forever and that never again would the world be
  10. Your answer:

  11. If long scarves or ties are caught in moving machinery, they can be responsible for serious injury or even death to the wearer. When long scarves or ties are worn near moving machinery, they should be removed or
  12. Your answer:
    tucked inside the clothing.
    tied tightly.
    taken to the cleaners.
    knitted loosely.

  13. When a Lapp family travels with its reindeer herd, the people ride in special sleds pulled by reindeer. The driver uses only one rein and winds this rein securely around one arm. The sled, being light, tips over easily. The driver is attached this way to the rein so that, when the sled turns over,
  14. Your answer:
    the reindeer will not be injured in the spill.
    the reindeer will not be able to run away.
    the family will not fall out of the sled.
    the family will not be injured in the spill.

  15. On every important occasion, the ancient Romans turned to Mars, the god of war, for advice. When soldiers went to war, they took chickens sacred to Mars and fed them on the eve of battle. If the chickens ate greedily, the romans believed that Mars was on their side; but if the chickens ate sparingly the Romans believed the battle would
  16. Your answer:
    be won.
    go on for several days.
    be over soon.
    turn against them.

  17. One of the principal things you must remember when learning how to ski, or in learning any other sport, is to relax. Guard against a natural inclination to become stiff; strive to keep your body
  18. Your answer:
    in good physical condition.
    as straight as possible.

  19. Nearly all the rocks that comprise the earth's crust contain iron compounds; very few soils
  20. Your answer:
    form them.
    need them.
    lack them.
    use them.

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