Reading for Understanding Two #56C

Thelma Thurstone -- The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc

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  1. The titmouse, sometimes called a tomtit, is a small bird that is fairly common in the United States. The name titmouse is strange, because the titmouse is nothing like
  2. Your answer:
    a mouse.
    a tomcat.
    an animal.
    a bird.

  3. There are people who believe that the provision of shelter, clothing, and food is the prime motivator in human lives. They believe that the most important values to most people are
  4. Your answer:

  5. Thermometers are glass tubes with liquid in them. Some thermometers have alcohol in the tubes. Alcohol does not freeze until the temperature is very low, but it boils when the temperature is moderately high. Other thermometers have mercury in the tubes. Mercury freezes when the temperature is moderately low, but it does not boil until the temperature is very high. Scientists going to the South Pole, where it is extremely cold, would have to choose their thermometer as carefully as their clothing, and they would probably take
  6. Your answer:
    an alcohol thermometer.
    thermometers with mercury in the tube.
    a Fahrenheit thermometer.
    a barometric pressure gauge.

  7. A bat makes sounds when it is flying. The echoes of these sounds coming back from objects warn the animal of obstacles and help it
  8. Your answer:
    dodge them.
    fly faster.
    see them.
    find food.

  9. Some of us seem to take better care of our cars than we do of our bodies. We do not let a noise in the engine of our car go very long without taken the car into a garage. Yet some of us well let a danger signal from our bodies go untreated for months before going to a
  10. Your answer:

  11. It is easy to speak or to write our thoughts as they come to us, but to clothe them in propriety and clarity is
  12. Your answer:
    a violation of oratorical rules.
    a more difficult task.
    easier still.
    to affect a pompous style.

  13. The number of people attending the art show was a disappointment to some. There is an optimistic feeling, however, that perhaps the attendance during the second week will be
  14. Your answer:
    more representative.
    as large.

  15. Getting goods to market can be a big expense if the producer and the market are separated by long distances. The producer can minimize this expense by
  16. Your answer:
    locating near a market.
    packaging products carefully.
    building private roads.
    shipping by air.

  17. Persons have been killed accidentally by closing themselves in a room that contains a charcoal brazier. The brazier gives off carbon monoxide, the breathing of which is
  18. Your answer:

  19. The rulers of the country did not want their people to come in contact with foreign ideas. They therefore made a law that limited all ships to seventy-five feet in length. This aided in
  20. Your answer:
    keeping their subjects from visiting foreign countries.
    spreading knowledge of the homeland to other countries.
    preventing foreigners from invading their country.
    insuring a large supply of fish for their country.

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