Reading for Understanding Two #56B

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  1. Interesting things have been happening in the area of weather control. At airports, fogs can be cleared by big fires. Rain has been made to fall by the dropping of dry ice on clouds. No longer is it completely true that
  2. Your answer:
    "Red sky at night, sailor's delight."
    "Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it."
    "Cloudy weather makes a moody person."
    "April showers bring My flowers."

  3. In Eastern countries, dates are such an important article of food that the failure of the date crop is
  4. Your answer:
    a frequent occurrence.
    a political issue.
    an economic boon.
    a serious loss.

  5. Some plants bloom year after year without replanting. Such plants are called perennials. But annuals, such as those of the bean family, require replanting because they
  6. Your answer:
    bloom every other year.
    are not needed every year.
    last only season.
    wear out the soil.

  7. When King Richard the Lion-Hearted was imprisoned in Austria after the Crusades, a wandering minstrel tried to find him. The minstrel went from castle to castle, singing part of an English ballad that the king liked very much. Finally, from the dark tower of one castle, a voice replied with the rest of the ballad, and the
  8. Your answer:
    minstrel was happy that an Austrian knew the ballad.
    two sang a duet.
    minstrel married the young princess.
    lost king of England was found.

  9. Sam knew almost everything that there was to know about yearling oxen. Some days they were very stubborn, and he wanted to yell at them. But yelling would only make the situation worse. It was best to coax them along. Carrots were an excellent device for doing that. The calves would do almost anything
  10. Your answer:
    to get attention.
    for Sam.
    for a carrot.
    if they were scolded.

  11. Those who are insensitive to other people's feelings are often very sensitive about their own. People who always say just what they think are the first ones to be offended when you tell them
  12. Your answer:
    just what you think.
    their feelings are hurt.
    your own troubles.
    they are very considerate.

  13. The authors describe education as a process of gaining gradual freedom from incompetence. According to them, incompetence leads to certain failure. Students who do not make full use of the opportunity to become educated are agreeing to varying degrees of
  14. Your answer:
    abundant successes
    freedom from restrictions.
    pleasure in their natural state.
    failure in life.

  15. A new all-weather topcoat is selling well because it serves its buyer equally well in wind, rain, or cold, on the main street or in the country. The key to its popularity is its
  16. Your answer:
    light weight.
    good looks.
    low price.

  17. In burning its way through the air, the lightning flash releases great amounts of nitrogen. The nitrogen comes down to earth in the raindrops and is absorbed in the soil. In this way, the earth receives at least a hundred million metric tons of this valuable chemical fertilizer a year. Lightning, then, is both destructive and
  18. Your answer:

  19. A camera must be a strange contraption to animals. They may be frightened, and they may become unfriendly. When photographing animals, it is important to make clear that you mean them no
  20. Your answer:

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