Reading for Understanding Two #56A

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  1. Christopher Columbus offered to solve a problem that had bothered the royal court of Spain for many years. The problem was how to stand an egg on its end. Columbus held an egg in his hand and brought it down on its end on the table. The witnesses heard a crunch and then saw the egg stand on the crushed end, without any mess. Columbus's egg was
  2. Your answer:
    very fresh.
    a turkey egg.

  3. The livelihood of a people is frequently determined by the geography of the land in which they live. The Iberian Peninsula, extending far out into the Atlantic Ocean, is, for example, the location of a nation whose citizens gain their living primarily
  4. Your answer:
    by mining.
    from the sea.
    from the forests.
    by farming.

  5. Light travels at a rate of about 300,000 kilometers per second. The distance between the earth and a star is so great that to measure this distance in kilometers would be very awkward. Therefore, star distances are measured in light years. A light year is the distance light travels
  6. Your answer:
    on a star.
    in one second.
    on the earth.
    in one year.

  7. Sugarcane is raised in the southern area of the United States. Cane needs a long summer and will grow well in almost all
  8. Your answer:
    warm countries.
    parts of Europe.
    regions of the world.
    seasons of the year.

  9. Our likes and dislikes in food depend largely on the part of the country we come from. Most of us like the things that
  10. Your answer:
    are good for us.
    are cheap.
    we are used to.
    are highly seasoned.

  11. An advertisement for jet-propelled aircraft states that the speed of jet-propelled engines is as far beyond piston-engine performance as the speed of steamboats is beyond that of
  12. Your answer:
    sailing vessels.

  13. If alfalfa is planted in a field that lacks proper drainage, the crop will be a failure, for it will not grow in ground that is
  14. Your answer:

  15. The steel industry is constantly striving to improve its product. Steel producers are continually testing new methods of production and new products. The great steel cities of the world are not only workshops of the present, but also
  16. Your answer:
    manned by union members.
    bulwarks of the nation.
    laboratories of the future.
    uninterested in scientific research.

  17. In the past, it was the practice to torture an accused person in order to get a confession. In order to end their suffering, some innocent persons confessed to
  18. Your answer:
    belief in a better life hereafter.
    the influence of evil companions.
    the brutality of their torturers.
    crimes that they had not committed.

  19. Opportunities for educational achievement must no longer be restricted to youth. In the past, there has been a great loss of intellectual power because we have failed to use the growth potential of people
  20. Your answer:
    over thirty years of age.
    who are recent college graduates.
    who were high school drop-outs.
    who are looking for jobs.

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