Reading for Understanding Two #55C

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  1. They loved good music; even though they lived plainly, they always had money for
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  3. Plastics are made from many raw materials and are used for many purposes. One well-known plastic is made by hardening a combination of formaldehyde and carbolic acid. Because this plastic is a nonconductor of electricity, it is used for
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  5. In the United States, the members of Congress, the Chief Executive, and the judges of the Supreme Court must be guided by their own opinions of the Constitution. When public officials swear to support the Constitution, they swear to support it, not as understood by others, but as
  6. Your answer:
    the founding fathers intended.
    the majority of officials decide.
    new necessities require.
    they themselves understand it.

  7. Weather forecasts are of value to practically all of us. Farmers may rearrange their work so that they get the hay in before a rain; flood warnings may cause people living in river-bottom areas to move to higher ground; planes may stay on the ground if heavy fog is predicted; and, if rain is predicted,
  8. Your answer:
    a picnic may be cancelled.
    we may leave our umbrella at home.
    the stores may close.
    the stores do not open.

  9. Signalling systems provide very important means of sending messages. They were designed by even the most primitive peoples for the transmision, over long distances, of
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  11. The government wants to encourage tourists to visit its parks, streams, and places of historic interest. A beautiful booklet filled with attractive pictures and stories of interest can be obtained free of charge. The booklet also has complete information abut roads, hotels, and camping sites. The public recreation areas are very popular not only with residents of the area, but also with
  12. Your answer:
    local officials.
    study groups.
    people who do not like to travel.

  13. In many colleges, the secretarial training offered is very inclusive and requires so much dedication that many who attempt it are compelled to
  14. Your answer:
    be very successful.
    drop out.
    take part-time employment.
    make influential friends.

  15. We often hear that brevity is the soul of wit. As used here, wit perhaps refers to jest, but the saying is even more applicable to a higher form of wit - the succinct expression of real wisdom. The person who can say much in a few words is a
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  17. Why does a turtle usually live to a ripe old age in spite of all hazards? One reason is its extremely hard, tough protective covering, which makes it almost safe from
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  19. In aviation, the ceiling is the distance from the ground to the bottom of the clouds when the sky is more than half covered. When there is heavy fog on the ground, the ceiling is said to be zero. When the sky is clear or there are only scattered clouds, the ceiling is unlimited. Pilots must know what the ceiling is before takeoff, so that they can determine the proper flight
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