Reading for Understanding Two #54C

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  1. Though their parents had been very rich, the children--because of their great extravagance--soon possessed no
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  3. The new bookkeeper tried to do the job but made so many errors that the rest of us wondered why the manager had hired someone of such
  4. Your answer:
    advanced age.
    low ability.

  5. Red squirrels are far from antisocial, but they do not cooperate with one another in times of danger. When an enemy appears on the scene, the first squirrel to see it makes a lot of noise; but the purpose of the noise is to scare the enemy away rather than to
  6. Your answer:
    bolster its own courage.
    enhance its own fear.
    warn the other squirrels.
    put the enemy on the run.

  7. Since the word senate comes from the Latin for "old man," it implies that in the time of the Romans the senate was made up of men who were
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  9. From almost every household in this small town, volunteers went to the front. Many never returned, and those who did come home bore lasting physical and emotional scars. The whole community for a long time experienced intense emotion at any mention of the
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  11. The Spanish settlers of the New World, eager for gold, had little interest in agriculture. For many decades, potentially valuable farmland was
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  13. Self-styled vigilantes betray the fundamental principle of lawful government. Better that a few guilty people escape punishment than a band of private citizens execute immediate vengeance without permitting the accused
  14. Your answer:
    a chance to escape undetected.
    absolution, by law, of a crime.
    a gun for self-protection.
    a fair trial under the law.

  15. People are still conjecturing about the mysterious fate of the Lost Colony. Some believe that native Americans carried off or killed the settlers; others contend that the Spaniards destroyed the settlement. What actually occurred is
  16. Your answer:
    seldom recalled.
    a matter of record.
    still unknown.
    described in drama.

  17. The grotesque blurs that appeared where she had hoped to see the smiling faces of her children told the amateur photographer that the
  18. Your answer:
    instrument was to expensive.
    children were truly ugly.
    photography was improving.
    camera had not been correctly focused.

  19. Soon after we began building the cabin, our group functioned like a well-ordered machine. Since time was at a premium, we had to be
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