Reading for Understanding Two #54B

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  1. Even though the new drugs may not fulfill all the therapeutic expectations they have inspired, it is evident that they have opened up a new era in
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  3. People now spend much more time watching television than they spend listening to radio. Even when they are just finding out what tomorrow's weather will be, they like to be
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  5. A submarine submerges by opening valves that allow water to flow into tanks. The valves are closed when enough water has been taken in to make the vessel
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    turn on its side.
    lighter than the surrounding water.
    sink to the desired depth.
    travel at greater speeds.

  7. Domestic animals are often capable of learning tricks, but they are unable to pass these acquired skills on to their offspring. Thus, each animal knows only those tricks that
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    its ancestors knew.
    it can learn easily.
    it has been taught.
    its trainer likes.

  9. The early Babylonians wrote on soft, clay tablets. They made signs on these tablets with the top of a reed. These tablets were then baked in the sun until they became hard and durable. Thus, the written record was made
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  11. There is one way to get at the truth about political candidates--their records. Every candidate for public office has a record; unlike promises, a record
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    assures election.
    is dull.
    can be verified.
    is not indicative.

  13. The dogsled travelled steadily towards its destination. The dogs plodded on through the blizzard, often through dangerous snowdrifts in which, if they had stopped to rest for a minute, they almost immediately would have been
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  15. A person who enjoys golf will derive more benefit from that sport than from sitting-up exercises that would be done with more of a sense of duty than of
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  17. The praying mantis was given this name because it frequently assumes a position, with its front legs raised, that suggests prayer. This attitude is no true indication of the disposition of the insect, which is cruel and vicious, feeding not only on other kinds of insects but also on
  18. Your answer:
    its own kind.
    plant juices.

  19. The wind, which came from the north, brought the first snow. For several days the snow fell. On the first afternoon of the storm, the snowflakes melted as soon as they touched the ground. Soon, however, the wind grew colder and more biting, and the snow no longer
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