Reading for Understanding Two #54A

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  1. After many thrilling escapades and wondrous adventures in new lands, the retired sailor was dissatisfied with life at home, which was to him extremely
  2. Your answer:

  3. The little village had been settled only about fifteen years, and the people had to make whatever they possessed for themselves since there was no way to reach the valley except by horseback over the ridge of the mountains. The little, low log cabins had two rooms each. The furniture, such as it was, was
  4. Your answer:
    rough-hewn out of native wood.
    rather ornate and fancy.
    mainly old mahogany heirlooms.
    brought over the ridge.

  5. Before the invention of firearms, the bow and arrow was the principal weapon of hunters and fighters. Now, except in very primitive lands, the bow and arrow is used almost entirely for sport. The sport is known as archery, and it has become quite popular among both men and women. In some states of the United States, special permission to hunt with bow and arrow has to be obtained. The number of deer killed by hunters using bow and arrow is very small, and the hunters are not so much interested in obtaining deer meat as in
  6. Your answer:
    beating children at the game.
    obtaining special privileges.
    a spring vacation.
    the sport involved.

  7. There is an old story about the farmer who made a scarecrow so frightening that the crows not only left that year's corn alone, but returned corn they had stolen years before. To farmers who must keep crows away, this is
  8. Your answer:
    a nightmare.
    a good story.
    a true story.
    of no interest.

  9. Examples of ancient gold handicraft are rare because that metal has always been very valuable. When gold objects ceased to be fashionable, they were often melted down and the metal was
  10. Your answer:
    used again.
    thrown away.

  11. For three days, dense fog covered the city of London. It hung over the Thames River like a heavy veil. It was impossible to see more than a few feet ahead into the gloom. On the bridge over the river, houses were lit up by candlelight even during the
  12. Your answer:

  13. The city is bordered on two sides by large bodies of water so that there is always a brisk breeze. Sadly, though, the streets are so covered with dust and grit, and the air is so laden with soot that the inhabitants who go for a stroll in the evening air invariably return home
  14. Your answer:
    covered with grime.
    tired from their hike.
    full of good spirits.
    slightly dampened.

  15. The finest instructor cannot teach you to be a creative sculptor. If you do not have genius, you may as well throw away your class notes. They
  16. Your answer:
    cannot help you.
    should be carefully kept.
    are truly excellent.
    will be valuable later.

  17. Originally, there was an abundance of white pine in North American forests. So many uses have been discovered for this wood, however, that the supply of white pine is becoming smaller and smaller. As a result, white pine has become increasingly
  18. Your answer:

  19. Despite its vigorous activity, the flying squirrel is always perfectly groomed. Even after a long romp, its gray fur is smooth, and its white underparts are
  20. Your answer:

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