Reading for Understanding Two #52C

Thelma Thurstone The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

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  1. The settlers were building a stockade for their protection. In order that water should always be readily available inside the stockade, they built it
  2. Your answer:
    in a clearing.
    around a spring.
    as quickly as possible.
    of rough logs.

  3. A young couple in a single-engine plane was forced down in the wilds of northern Canada. They were not rescued until nearly two months later. They were alive because they had enough food to eat and because they had enough emergency supplies to protect themselves against
  4. Your answer:

  5. There is a new, interesting type of sandal that will stay on the feet only as long as one is walking forward but will fall off if one tries to walk backward. These shoes have been called
  6. Your answer:

  7. Sea sedge, sea reed, mangrove trees, and lucerne clover have the wonderful tenacity that makes roots so useful in binding the soil together and in keeping the banks of streams, rivers, and sea dikes, from being seriously undermined. Because of this ability, these plants belong to a group that is sometimes given the name
  8. Your answer:
    prairie plants.
    mountain vines.
    soil binders.

  9. The human animal is the only one who has learned to build a fire, and so is the only animal that cooks food. This has proved in some ways to be a disadvantage to our digestive apparatus and to our teeth, which are now deprived of some of the work that they were meant to do. We rarely hear of the lower animals having decayed teeth or indigestion, yet these troubles are quite common in human beings. These difficulties may be partly due to the consumption of too many
  10. Your answer:
    cooked foods.
    raw foods.
    cold foods.
    frozen foods.

  11. Bathroom fixtures are expensive and last the life of the home. Because of this, they should be selected to be as functional and attractive in ten or twenty years as when they were
  12. Your answer:

  13. Couch grass is a stubborn variety of grass. It clings tenaciously to its chosen home. I have worked against it for three years in my garden and as yet have not been able to
  14. Your answer:
    recognize it.
    cultivate it.
    eradicate it.
    reproduce it.

  15. The president of the company was shocked to hear of the treachery of an employee whom everyone had considered
  16. Your answer:

  17. All of our information about the saber-toothed tiger comes from bones found in California. Scientists have been able to reconstruct the saber-toothed tiger in form, but the actual shade and length of its hair
  18. Your answer:
    are unimportant.
    have long been known.
    are described on cave walls.
    are still only guessed at.

  19. The Titan's oldest son was named Prometheus, a name meaning forethought. The name turned out to be very appropriate, for young Prometheus was always
  20. Your answer:
    doing brave deeds.
    helping other people.
    planning for the future.
    excelling in sports.

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