Reading for Understanding Two #51C

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  1. Machines have steadily grown in importance in our society. Machines are larger and more spectacular than ever, and still we do not believe that they have reached their limit. We must not conclude that people are becoming less and less important; for, after all, the great machines are built by
  2. Your answer:
    great wealth.
    government subsidy.

  3. June in the West Indies has an interesting significance, for this is the time that conditions necessary for hurricane formation begin to build up. By August, these conditions are fully developed, and from then until the first of November is a period of
  4. Your answer:

  5. Offices, laboratories, and factories should be painted in shades that are restful to the eyes. The theory is that worker efficiency may be increased by
  6. Your answer:
    decreasing eye fatigue.
    shortening the day.
    time-and-motion studies.
    increasing salaries.

  7. The great advantage that clocks can have over watches and other silent reckoners of time is that some of them strike the hour and are, as it were, the mouthpieces of time. Clocks not only point it out to the eye, but also
  8. Your answer:
    impress it on the ear.
    do so accurately.
    are easily observed.
    are silent sentinels.

  9. To some extent, the do-it-yourself revolution is an economic necessity. Many people have learned to be their own gardeners, electricians, decorators, and carpenters. Skilled help is so expensive that many people must reupholster their own furniture, install their own basement showers, and assemble their own hi-fi sets, or
  10. Your answer:
    join hobby clubs.
    do without.
    study economics.
    get new jobs.

  11. In many places, the long tedious process of marking election ballots by hand has been replaced by the voting machine, a mechanical device that quickly registers the will of the
  12. Your answer:

  13. Jungle experts say that tigers are not dangerous to humans unless they are wounded or hungry. Since there is much wild game-such as deer, antelope, and pigs-on which tigers feed in the wild Kumaun Hills of Northern India, the tigers are relatively
  14. Your answer:
    difficult to find.
    harmless to humans.

  15. Swimming is an enjoyable exercise, and it is also a very valuable one. We often read of people who were able to float long enough for help to arrive and so were
  16. Your answer:
    helpless in the water.
    greatly afraid of water.
    taught to swim well.
    saved from being drowned.

  17. Interviewers who spend all the interview time expressing their own opinions will obtain little of the required information from their interviewee. A good interviewer is a good
  18. Your answer:

  19. The hippopotamus lives in a swamp in Africa. Year after year, it has traversed the same path across soft ground to the water, until now it makes its short journey along
  20. Your answer:
    deep ruts.
    light footprints.
    swinging bridges.
    thick grass.

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