Reading for Understanding Two #51B

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  1. The space above the clouds is truly different from the space near the earth. Aeronautical engineers have discovered that many things that function efficiently at ground level fail to do so
  2. Your answer:
    in the stratosphere.
    at low altitudes.
    for long periods of time.

  3. Many accidents are preventable. After safety-education talks in the schools, there usually follows a reduction in the pupils'
  4. Your answer:
    educational standards.
    safety talks.
    accident rate.
    fire drills.

  5. It is hard to remove stains from dyed fabrics because chemical bleaches that remove stains also remove the dye. It is much easier to remove stains from
  6. Your answer:
    white material.
    wool or cotton.
    work clothes.
    linen napkins.

  7. We cannot classify the mink as either a day or night animal. Generally it retires after a successful hunt, well fed and content. Later, when it awakens, it sets out again, indifferent to the
  8. Your answer:

  9. The brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright built a flying machine that was very light but not very strong. On its first flight, it stayed up for only twelve seconds, but the significant fact is that it did fly
  10. Your answer:
    without wings.
    into the sun.
    at all.
    ten miles.

  11. Many people think of long-distance telephone calls as being extravagant. To busy people, however, because of the time they save, long-distance calls are more than convenient. They are really
  12. Your answer:

  13. Have you ever been haunted by a TV singing advertisement that goes round and round in your head? That kind of tune gets customers. Someone has defined a good advertising jingle as
  14. Your answer:
    "music that could be written by a machine."
    "music that you love to dance to."
    "music that goes in one ear and stays."
    "music for everyone-not too highbrow.

  15. Enemy villages were seen during the journey, but were avoided. In like manner, if we caught sight of the enemy travelling or camping at a distance, we would alter out course or try to
  16. Your answer:
    ask for directions.
    rush out to meet them.
    induce them to join us.
    conceal ourselves.

  17. Red squirrels sometimes dig tunnels in the snow. They seem to do it mainly for amusement, but since nuts and pinecones may be found scattered about them, the tunnels may have something to do with
  18. Your answer:
    the coming of spring.
    protection from snow.
    finding a mate.
    food supply.

  19. The word umbrella means "little shadow." Perhaps umbrellas were first used as protection from the
  20. Your answer:

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