Reading for Understanding Two #50C

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  1. She is not discouraged by her recent failure. She is certain that her next attempt will be successful. She has great
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  3. Reading aloud has become a neglected pastime. Most persons now seem to regard a book as something to be enjoyed
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  5. When it rains very hard all night, the rain and the thunderstorm that comes with the rain waken most people. No one is surprised in the morning to see puddles of water everywhere. A few days ago, we were surprised when we looked out in the morning to see the ground completely covered with snow. The snow had come down very
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  7. In some countries, people once drove large flocks of geese to market. If the farmer lived far from the market, the tender feet of the geese often became irritated during the journey. To avoid this, the geese were driven first through tar or pitch, then through fine sand. The sand stuck to the tar and dried there; thus, each goose wore
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  9. The Alamo was at first a mission and later a fort. During the Mexican War, an army of four thousand Mexicans atacked the fort, which was defended by fewer than two hundred Texans. This small number held the fort for almost two weeks, but finally all were killed. Years later, after Texas became a state of the United States, the Alamo was made
  10. Your answer:
    a Mexican shrine.
    a state tribute to the survivors.
    an ancient Franciscan mission.
    a memorial to the Texan defenders.

  11. In Roman times salt was so valuable and so rare that it was used as part of the wages that were paid to soldiers. But later deposits of salt were found, and so today we do not use salt for salaries because
  12. Your answer:
    it is so plentiful and easy to get.
    it is difficult to carry around.
    it is difficult to put salt in a bank.
    most of it is used in industry.

  13. Deep-sea diving involves many risks, and the diver must be alert at all times. A reckless diver will soon meet with an accident. The job is really one for someone who is
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  15. These farmers, on a windy day, threw the mingled chaff and grain into the air. The light chaff was blown away, but the grain fell quickly because it was
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  17. The Medal of Honor is the highest military award for bravery that can be bestowed on any individual in the United States of America. It is presented to the recipient, usually by the President, "in the name of the Congress of the United States." For this reason, the medal is called the
  18. Your answer:
    Centennial Medal of Honor.
    Army Medal of Honor.
    Government Medal of Honor.
    Congressional Medal of Honor.

  19. It was necessary to elevate church bells so that they could be heard at a distance. This brought about the building of
  20. Your answer:
    church chimes.
    large bells.
    high towers.

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