Reading for Understanding Two #50B

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  1. I wanted to save money, so I repaired the car myself. Besides, mechanical things are my
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  3. Many of our larger industries that have carried out concerted safety campaigns have reported a substantial reduction in the number of fatal accidents and disabling injuries incurred within their plants. Causes of on-the-job accidents are studied, and positive preventive measures are taken to avoid recurrences. Employees are given special courses of instruction to encourage greater understanding of
  4. Your answer:
    union benefits.
    safety measures.
    higher pay.

  5. Many tourists carry cameras of various kinds to keep a record of what they have seen on their trips. Now some tourists are carrying small tape recorders to have a record of interesting interviews and concerts that they have
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  7. All true nuts are the fruit of trees or shrubs and usually have the same name as the tree or bush on which they grow. Walnuts come from the walnut tree, hazelnuts come from the hazel shrub, and chestnuts come from the chestnut tree. Although peanuts are eaten as nuts, they are the underground fruit of a cultivated plant and are
  8. Your answer:
    are not true nuts.
    very popular.
    used to make butter.
    very cheap.

  9. During the fifteenth century in Europe, the mastersingers were very serious about their music, and anyone who wished to win the title of mastersinger was required to pass an examination. To prepare for the examination, each would-be mastersinger had to write both verse and music for a song. The four mastersingers who gave the examination would sit behind a curtain, and each would judge a particular area: one the verse, one the rhyming, one the music, and one the singing. It was a proud moment when the four judges agreed that the new singer might be admitted to the
  10. Your answer:
    music school.

  11. We smile when we are pleased, frown when we are angry, and squeeze a friend's hand to express our sympathy. Often, we communicate
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  13. Although baboons can be tamed when young, the older animals display such terrible fits of rage that they are
  14. Your answer:
    too dangerous to be pets.
    discontented in confinement.
    unsafe unless given rabies shots.
    sold for fur.

  15. Periodically, some of the fire fighters came back into town for a short rest and some food before returning to the fire. They told many tales of narrow escapes, successes, and failures. But they had finally succeeded. They were holding the fire in check. Though many of the farmers who lived in the district had lost their homes, at least the town was
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  17. The Pilgrims were originally scheduled to sail from England to the North American continent in late summer, but the sailing of the Mayflower was delayed until mid-September. They were sixty-six days at sea when land was sighted off Cape Cod. By then it was too late to raise crops that year. The Pilgrims built twelve houses, but they found it hard to provide enough food because many of the supplies they had loaded on the Mayflower were
  18. Your answer:
    gifts of the Native Americans.
    planted and growing.

  19. A cannibal is any animal that devours its own kind. Young spiders are often cannibals. If they become hungry, they may eat
  20. Your answer:
    trespassing insects.
    bits of garbage.
    their brothers and sisters.
    young, tender sprouts.

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