Reading for Understanding Two #49C

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  1. Rivers come from clouds, for clouds pour down rain and rain fills the rivers. The rivers, in turn, supply the sea. The water at the sea's surface goes into the air as mist, and the cycle is completed when
  2. Your answer:
    mist fills the rivers.
    rivers become mist.
    the mist becomes clouds.
    mist forms on the sea.

  3. Domestic animals are a much more dependable source of food than is wild game. The hunter can never be sure of bringing back food; but the rancher has only to select one of the herd for slaughter, and a banquet is at hand. The availability of domestic animals protects people from the
  4. Your answer:
    necessity of work.
    threat of disease.
    attacks of wild beasts.
    fear of starvation.

  5. Emilio is eighteen months old and, like most youngsters that age, is a member of that powerful union that demands longer days and shorter nights. According to reliable reports, this movement among infants is causing increasing complaints from
  6. Your answer:

  7. Outside, the storm raged. Blasts of wind pounded the house, shaking it as if it were a
  8. Your answer:
    deserted home.
    storm refuge.
    cardboard box.
    brick mansion.

  9. Throughout the world there are places where the snow never melts. These are usually high regions where the temperature
  10. Your answer:
    never rises above freezing.
    is always the same.
    never falls below freezing.
    is too cold to measure.

  11. The rubber industry is one of the most important in the country. About two hundred years ago a British chemist, Priestley, discovered that rubber could rub out pencil marks. That was perhaps the first practical use that Western civilization made of rubber, and the use that gave it its
  12. Your answer:

  13. A former member of our parachute troop had made many successful jumps from planes. Whenever he had gone up in a plane, he had always parachuted to the ground. He said that he had never landed in a plane and that he would be afraid to do that. He
  14. Your answer:
    liked the ground.
    wanted to be a pilot.
    felt safer jumping.
    was not well trained.

  15. Plants and animals of many kinds are found in various parts of the world. Some animals live in water, and some can live only on land. The polar bear, with its heavy coat of white fur, is adapted to living in a very cold climate. Oranges grow where there is an abundance of sunshine and where the temperature is never low. Some crops are raised in rather restricted areas where the soil is particularly fitted for their cultivation. These examples are all evidence that different types of living things
  16. Your answer:
    have improved through evolution.
    are best suited to particular environments.
    cannot change by natural selection.
    have a specific purpose in the world.

  17. It is not necessary to strike someone physically to be aggressive; an aggressive attack also can be
  18. Your answer:

  19. Country roads used to be made of dirt. The dirt was piled highest down the middle of the road, and the road sloped down on each side so that the rainwater could drain into ditches at the edges of the road. Twice each year the farmers repaired their roads by cleaning out the side ditches and throwing the dirt back
  20. Your answer:
    into nearby quarries and lakes.
    under the gravel surface.
    to the middle of the road.
    into piles by the roadside.

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