Reading for Understanding Two #49B

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  1. The rain pounded the windows of the cockpit so hard that the pilot of the small plane could not see out. The plane would have been lost in the storm had it not been for the panel of dials and instruments that told the pilot how to
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  3. King John was a thoroughly bad king. He fought with his nobles and mistreated his brother. He lost many of his country's possessions and showed no regard for the rights of his subjects. To nobles, monks, and peasants his reign brought
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  5. Nature has fitted animals to withstand a wide range of temperature and moisture. Fur, fathers, fat, or oil glands serve to keep warm-blooded animals from losing too much
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  7. Along with the right soil and the proper amount of water, houseplants need plenty of sun. It is best to place houseplants where they can get the morning sun from the east, or the afternoon sun from the west. Since I do not have an east window in my apartment, I keep my houseplants on the sill of a living room window that faces
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  9. In the past, Eskimos hunted and fished when the seasonal thaw set in, but for most of the year they ate the meat of the reindeer, drank its milk, made their clothing from its hide, and harnessed it to their sledges. In that period, the Eskimos' most important possessions were their
  10. Your answer:
    supplies of whale oil.
    teams of sled dogs.
    hunting and fishing tools.
    herds of reindeer.

  11. Children in most of the Western world are taught to eat quietly; but, in some parts of the East, children are taught to smack their lips loudly to show that they are enjoying their meal. Good manners in one part of the world are bad manners in another part because people in different places have
  12. Your answer:
    different customs.
    the same rules of behavior.
    no idea what good manners are.
    different food preferences.

  13. Both coal-burning and oil-burning locomotives give off a great deal of smoke. In order to reduce the smoke hazard on Manhattan Island, New York City allows railways to use only
  14. Your answer:
    coal-burning locomotives.
    electric locomotive.
    overhead tracks.
    steam locomotives.

  15. Most highways are lined with billboards bearing advertisements. Since they are intended to be read by passing motorists, such advertisements must be
  16. Your answer:

  17. Before one of his battles, a soldier of Spartacus led a horse to the great leader so that he could escape his enemies if necessary. Spartacus, however, slew the horse with his sword, saying, "If I am victorious, I shall have horses enough. If I am defeated, I shall
  18. Your answer:
    ride swiftly away.
    mount this steed.
    need many horses.
    have no need of one.

  19. It is probable that many years ago the otter had its home on the land, but it now also makes its home in the water. It possesses webbed feet and a long neck similar to that of the sea lion, and so is well equipped for
  20. Your answer:
    water travel.

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