Reading for Understanding Two #49A

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  1. When pocket watches or wristwatches are shipped to a factory or distant repair shop for attention and adjustment, special care is needed in packaging to make certain that they are
  2. Your answer:
    good Swiss watches.
    not damaged en route.
    really in need of repair.
    set to the correct time.

  3. At present, there is no sure way for an ordinary observer to identify a tornado in advance. It is impossible just to look at heavy black clouds and say that they will result in a twister. Their only aftermath may be a gentle shower. About all the average person can safely say about these clouds is that they are
  4. Your answer:

  5. If you were travelling in one of the great forests of India, would you be startled to hear a cackle that sounded just like that of an ordinary hen on an ordinary farm? Such an experience is entirely possible, because domesticated hens of all varieties are really descendants of the red jungle fowl of India. We do not know exactly to whom we owe thanks for taming what has turned out to be our most valuable tame
  6. Your answer:

  7. The use of plastic for private swimming pools has reduced their initial cost greatly. Since the cost of maintaining private swimming pools is rather high, they are still classified as
  8. Your answer:

  9. There are many drama companies throughout the United States that specialize in putting on plays out of doors in the summertime. Their success depends not only on having large audiences, but also on
  10. Your answer:
    having clear weather.
    starting on time.
    rehearsing all winter.
    having a large cast.

  11. Every year there seems to be available a greater variety of household electrical appliances. Housebuilders with an eye on the future will certainly put into their houses
  12. Your answer:
    cheap electricity.
    many kitchen cabinets.
    a large number of electrical outlets.
    foundations for extra rooms.

  13. An accounting student was waiting to see the manager of a bank about a job when he saw a young woman rob one of the tellers. The student chased and captured the robber, and returned the stolen money to the bank. Then the student also got the
  14. Your answer:

  15. Bacteria are the tiniest plants known. Thousands of them could fit on the point of a pin. They cannot be seen
  16. Your answer:
    with the naked eye.
    on a cloudy day.
    by an untrained eye.

  17. Doctors tell us that diets that concentrate heavily on one food are usually bad for us. Such diets should be followed only on a physician's prescription. The average person will do well to
  18. Your answer:
    drink lots of milk.
    get plenty of exercise.
    eat a variety of foods.
    take vitamins.

  19. Generosity cannot be gauged by the amount of money that one spends to benefit other people. True generosity comes from one's heart, not from one's
  20. Your answer:

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