Reading for Understanding #48B

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  1. Citizens must be able to prove their age and birthplace in order to obtain a passport for foreign travel. It is now required that all births be registered with the state's department of health. The birth records in some states go back only sixty years or so. People over sixty who were born in those states sometimes find it hard to prove
  2. Your answer:
    the date and place of their birth.
    that they can afford to travel.
    that they have birth certificates.
    that they are legally married.

  3. Agriculture is very important because most of our food and some of our clothing come from
  4. Your answer:
    farm products.
    the city.
    large stores.
    foreign countries.

  5. This was really quite an unusual dragon, a nice dragon who disliked violence of all sorts. Ordinary dragons chased knights, ate princesses, and set villages aflame with their breath of fire. They were greatly feared by the people who lived within many miles of them. But this particular dragon was different. This was a
  6. Your answer:
    scaly dragon.
    green dragon.
    dangerous dragon.
    friendly dragon.

  7. Olives that are used in making olive oil are picked as soon as they ripen and are immediately sent to the oil mill. They cannot be shipped far because they spoil rapidly. Where olives are grown extensively, you will find, every few miles,
  8. Your answer:
    people eating olives.
    some olive trees.
    a rotten olive.
    a small olive

  9. The basic difficulty was that no one could accurately separate those who were ill and those who were well. If people said that they were ill, that they had a constant headache -- or a splitting headache, internal pains, or general weakness, to cite a few examples -- even though nothing could be found on examination, medical science could not say that they did not suffer from the ills of which they
  10. Your answer:
    were cured.

  11. Children may have hair like their mother's and eyes like their father's and thus show traits of both
  12. Your answer:

  13. Many young children do not care how they look. As they approach their teens, however, they become more conscious of
  14. Your answer:
    personality faults.
    their appearance.
    the other sex.
    their family's status.

  15. In Yosemite National Park, the young oaks are eaten by the many deer that have been allowed to live and reproduce there for years. Every year more large oaks die of old age. Eventually the deer population will be decreased by
  16. Your answer:
    poison oak.

  17. Soon after the road was opened, cracks began to appear. The state has not yet accepted the job as complete and says that it will not do so until the contractor
  18. Your answer:
    completes the bridge.
    repairs the highway.
    reduces his bill.
    removes his equipment.

  19. Primitive people were sometimes able to overcome the ocean barrier by making short trips from island to island. But, more often, the ocean was regarded as a boundary beyond which there could be no penetration. Now, however, we no longer regard the ocean as
  20. Your answer:
    a thing of importance.
    a storehouse of resources.
    a barrier to movement.
    an avenue of travel.

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