Reading for Understanding Two #47C

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  1. This is a new paintlike coating that retards fire. When it is heated, it puffs up like a marshmellow. In this condition it is an excellent insulator and prevents the surface that it covers from becoming
  2. Your answer:

  3. Mothers do most of the family weekday driving these days. Since much of their driving is done near schools, children's recreational areas, and shopping areas, they must be constantly on the lookout for
  4. Your answer:
    police cars.
    fire engines.

  5. Hunters who have killed great numbers of beaver, both for food and for clothing, undoubtedly have been the beaver's greatest
  6. Your answer:

  7. Jennie grew up in a large city and knew well its secret charms and hidden faults. She did not even care about the world that people told her existed beyond the city's limits. Her knowledge and sympathies were quite
  8. Your answer:

  9. The ermine, a native of northern countries, is a weasel with valuable fur. In the summer, the fur is brown; but as the weather gets cooler, the fur gets lighter until it is pure white during the coldest part of the year. Since most people prefer the white ermine pelts, most ermine trapping is done
  10. Your answer:
    with specialized traps.
    in early autumn.
    after the snow disappears.
    during the winter.

  11. There is a story of a fox that saw some grapes hanging from a vine. He wanted to eat the grapes but could not reach them even when he jumped as high as he could. As he walked away, he said, "I did not really want those grapes. I am sure they are sour." When we say "sour grapes," we mean that people pretend not to care for something that
  12. Your answer:
    they know they cannot get.
    is really of little value.
    would do them harm.
    they are mistaken about.

  13. These people look through the school buildings every year. They make sure that there is no accumulation of refuse in the building, that the fire extinguishers are in good condition, and that the exits are not blocked. They are
  14. Your answer:
    fire inspectors.
    police officers.

  15. To protect the crop, birdhouses were placed here and there in the cranberry bog. In the summer, bright red berries would appear on the plants. Martins and swallows would nest in the birdhouses and feed upon insects that would harm the
  16. Your answer:

  17. We expected the game last night to be very close, for we thought the two teams were evenly matched. We were quite surprised that the final score was
  18. Your answer:

  19. One of life's greatest satisfactions lies in owning and tilling a plot of ground. What other contentment is so rich as that which comes with
  20. Your answer:
    dealing in real estate?
    leaving your family farm?
    planting your own garden?
    doing social work?

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